Why do I have ants in my house during winter?  If you are suffering from “winter ants”, you are not alone…  The freezing temperatures of the winter usually make ants stagnant, unless they have a warm option.

Do Ants Hibernate During The Winter?

Ants are coldblooded insects and usually go into a hibernation state during the winter.  The actual process of this, hinges upon ant species.  Ants rely on their surroundings for the regulation of their body temperature.  Ants will slow down when temperatures dip down below 52 degrees Fahrenheit. For more information about ants hibernating check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf8p_23z-Bg

Where Do Ants Go?

Instinctually, ants are programmed to be drawn to heat.  This means during the cold seasons some species will delve down several feet underground to avoid frozen top soil.  Other species will leverage the power of the daylight sun. They will build nests under grass clippings, leaves and rocks which are heated by the sun.   

Why Are Ants Attracted To My Home?

Most home owners who suffer from winter ants have a few structural commonalities.  These structures are usually built on a slab of concrete (no basement) and/ or have heated flooring.  Ants are attracted to heat.  In the winter months, ants will become stagnant, unless they have an option to stay active in a warm environment. 

How Are They Getting In My Home?

As the weather changes over to the colder months, ants will begin tunneling down several feet into the ground to hibernate.  They will direct their digging towards the warmest soil.  As they dig, they will feel the warmth illuminating from the “concrete slab” of the structure.  Then the ants will sense heat coming from a crack or crevice in the foundation.  The colony will begin venturing up through the crevice and into your home.  These ants will now have a heated environment & food with no need to sleep during the winter. For ant control, give us a call today @ 815.215.7211 or fill out contact form @ https://antpestcontrol.com/ 

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