Typically we describe cockroach infestation being in an environment that is unsanitary and consider a clean house to be free from roaches. Yet, while true for the most part, even a spotless home can experience an occasional cockroach issue.

How do you get roaches? Why do roaches get inside a clean house? Cockroaches look for places that will provide them with their basic needs. These pests look for areas with lots of moisture and food sources. Houses with food crumbs, cardboard boxes, overgrown grass, and gardens are all attractive to roaches.

Cockroaches are often associated with an unsanitary environment. While this is true most of the time, many homeowners who diligently keep their house clean daily often find a roach or two scurrying in their kitchen at night.

So why do cockroaches still infest a house even if it’s clean? What attracts Oriental cockroaches as well as American Cockroaches? Typially, they are attracted to clean houses that have damp areas, grimy surfaces, cluttered and unused boxes, crumbs and leftover food, grimy areas, and overgrown gardens. Houses in southeastern regions of the country are more prone to cockroach infestations than other places. They come in through dryer vents, damaged window screens, and other small crevices.

Five Things in Your Home That Attract Cockroaches

You have been working hard to maintain a clean house however, last night when you came into the kitchen and turned on the light you noticed roaches scurrying across the floor. You don't need to have a dirty home to have a roach infestation.

Although your home is clean, it may also be inviting a roach infestation via one or more of these five things attracting roaches.

  • Leaking pipes and Standing Water

Leaking pipes and standing water attract cockroaches

We have something in common with roaches: we all need water for survival. When cockroaches venture indoors, they are looking for a source of water. If your home has any water leaks or leaking pipes, repair leaky pipes immediately. They will even go after Fido's water bowl in the kitchen or the condensation from the air conditioner or refrigerator.

If you have damp places within your home that are also dark--such as under the kitchen sink, laundry room, or basement, you are inviting a roach problem. Remove any standing water and fix leaky pipes to avoid these pest especially an American cockroach infestation in the house.

Any areas where there might be water, including your pet's water bowl, attract cockroaches. Fill holes in exterior walls using a caulking gun. Focusing on pipes, outlets, and air conditioners. Roaches gain access to your home through plumbing and utility lines.

  • Areas that are grimy

No matter how often you clean the house, even frequently sweeping and mopping the floors, leaves behind a little grime. Areas where the broom and mop can't get to, such as crevices and corners are ideal places for cockroaches to thrive. Grease and grime build up in these hard-to-reach areas which in turn provides your unwelcome guests with food.

When doing housecleaning, don't forget those out-of-sight places. Such as behind the oven, stove, and refrigerator. Ensure to wipe away any splatters or spills as they occur. Doing so will make your kitchen less of a grimy paradise for these pests!

  • Clear away clutter and boxes not in use

Empty cardboard boxes attract roaches as well as trash cans, grime, and grease. Cockroaches will eat things like glue, leather, hair, and other dead insects.

If you have a basement or attic, try to avoid storing any unused boxes in there. In this way, it will help you how to not take cockroaches with you when you move.  Additionally, clears away the clutter, which provides excellent means of both shelter and food for roaches.

  • Clean up any crumbs and food leftovers

A home that provides these pests with ample food sources is what attracts cockroaches in your house. These pests are opportunistic when it comes to feeding. They are not picky about what they eat.

However, roaches prefer foods high in protein, starch, and sugar. They gather crumbs left on the floor or dinner plates in the sink, and even the food discarded in a trash can.

Besides ensuring to sweep and mop the floors, wash dirty dishes immediately, and store leftover food in airtight containers in the pantry. Doing so keeps roaches from getting in with your fresh food items and contaminating them.

  • Overgrown vegetation

A cockroach sitting on a leaf

If you have a yard and garden, ensure you tend to it often to prevent cockroaches from infesting it. Cockroaches love to find hiding places in dense vegetation and untidy landscaping.

In addition, ensure any flower pots, gutters, and birdbaths do not have standing water. If you have a woodpile, mulch, pine straw, or compost, make sure to tend to it regularly to keep roaches away.

What are Food Roaches?

Cockroaches eat both animals and plants, making them omnivores. Food roaches will feed on whatever is available, not only smelly debris, trash, human hair, and other standard food sources. Although these pests are not picky, they prefer greasy items, meats, and sweet foods.

Why Do You Have a Roach Problem?

There may be three reasons you are experiencing a cockroach problem in your clean home. They seek shelter, food, or water. If you were as small as these bugs, you would soon discover the many ways inside a human's home.

What attracts the Different Cockroach Species?

Different species of cockroach

Oriental roaches will often travel through sewers and other places where bacteria is rampant. German cockroaches are known to eat anything for survival, from pet food to human hair. On the other hand, the largest species of cockroach is the American cockroach infesting homes badly.

Call the Pest Control Professionals for a Cockroach Issue

When you have an infestation of roaches or other pests like wood cockroaches, you need a pest control company like A.N.T. Pest Control. You can try home remedies like boric acid to get rid of them or call A.N.T. Pest Control for a free estimate.

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