One can find this ant species throughout the United States. Little black ants seem denser in industrial and urban areas.  This article will help explain why you may have a little black ant infestation. Also, informing you how to remove this pest and its nest.

What are tiny black ants called?

Tiny black ants running on the floor


Another name for this pest is black ants Monomorium minimum. These black ants make their home in southern Canada, the United States, and Mexico. There are thousands of individual ants within a single colony.  These colonies are normally in dark, protected areas.

When is the Little Black Ants Mating Period?

This pest mates between the months of June to August. They can be spotted in winged swarms.  Shortly after mating, the females go to start new colonies, and the males die.

Where Can You Find a Little Black Ant Colony?

Black ant colonies on the rotting logs and cement cracks


Black ants are a pest found beneath rotting logs, rocks, cracks in the cement, and decaying trees.  Gardens and lawns are also areas in which these black ant species thrive.  Little black ants that are indoors will build their nests within the wall voids, woodwork, under the carpet, and in the baseboards.

Where do these ants live?

The black ants' Monomorium minimum can be found throughout the United States.  However, the east coast is a more prevalent home for this pest.

What do they look like?

A close up look of the ant with a strong black color


Black is not the only color of this pest. Though mostly black in color, they are also dark brown and shiny looking.  Measuring as long as 1/16 of an inch, the queen can be as long as ⅛ inch.  The antennae have 12 segments with a 3-segment club at the end, with 2 node pedicles.

What Do These Tiny Ants Eat?

The worker ants will search for nourishment and sources of moisture by way of a pheromone trail.  This is a trail that is marked by the scent of the ant.  It can be seen along the exterior walls and along the sidewalks of a building. They invade the area hoping to find food sources.  These tiny black ants in the house will search crevices, wall voids, and cracks.  They do this while leaving pheromone trails you can see along the counters, pantry, and cabinets.

Where Do They Build Their Nests?

Common areas these little black ants construct their nests are beneath debris in the yard and in soil. An infestation of these ants will also relocate their colony inside a house.

Little black ants are omnivorous.  They search out scraps and even dual with carpenter ants over food sources.  A favorite food of little black ants is aphids. Enjoy the plant secretion of your outdoor plants. It is common for them to battle larger insects to protect this sweet food.

This small ant will eat almost anything they find.  Eating meats, sweets, seeds, greasy food, plant secretions, other insects (dead or alive), and produce.

Why are these little black insects in my house?

Little black ants found inside the home


A little black ant infestation begins when these small insects are seeking food and water.  But you might still wonder and ask, "Why are these ants in my house?" and what happens to ants in the winter? Generally, the most common reason these pests are entering your home is because of poorly stored food.  Ant infestations could be outside or somewhere else inside the home.

Signs of a small ant infestation

The obvious trails these small pests leave behind are clues to an infestation of little ants. You might see them crawling around inside the kitchen or on the bathroom floor.  Or see them searching for water and food on countertops or by the sink.  They sometimes are seen entering your home through small cracks in the floors or walls.

Are tiny black ants harmful?

Little blacks roaming around are not harmful and pose no threat to anything except nerves


Although they have stingers, little black ants are not harmful and pose no threat to anything except nerves. They are small pests invading your food to the point you have to toss it. Little black ants are small bacteria carriers; therefore, make sure to clean up wherever you see them crawling around.

Do tiny black ants bite humans?

A little black ant has a stinger, but not large enough to harm a human. The large carpenter ants are another problem.  This large ant species is capable of biting humans and inflicting pain.

How Do You Get Rid of Little Black Ants?

Black ant lying can have an infestation whether in indoor or outdoor


It doesn’t matter whether your little ant infestation is indoors or outdoors. There are ways to kill ants in yard and totally get rid of these small pests. Likewise, knowing what temperature kills carpenter ants is an advantage. Additionally, if you have a little black ant problem outside, bait stations could help. Ant baits can be placed near foraging trails or nests to help you with your black ant control issue.

Interesting Fact: When ants see a dead ant, they carry their waste out of the nest and get rid of it in the midden. The midden is a pile. It is like a dumpster which also acts as a cemetery. Ants move the body of a dead ant to prevent contamination of their queen.

Using Bait Traps for pest control

You should be able to get rid of ant colonies by using bait traps as your method of pest control. The way a bait station works is the worker ant foraging for food will take the bait back to the colony to share. This is a great method of ridding little black ants of Monomorium indoors or outside.

How do I get rid of tiny ants in my house?

Getting rid of little black ants in the house


Some simple way to deter these tiny black ants little nest areas is to ensure you have no rotting logs or other trash lying around.  Also, treat out plants for aphids. Not only do aphids live off plant secretion, but they also provide ants with a delicious sweet treat.

How do you keep these ants away?

There are several ways to eliminate an invasion of pests. Yet, the best way to keep ants away is to ensure good sanitation. In the manner of pest control, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Keep kitchen sink cleared of dirty dishes
  • Gaps, cracks, and wall voids should be sealed with caulk; so pests can’t enter the inside
  • Keep exterior walls and foundation of home free of water
  • Ensure to mow the shrubs and clean the area along sidewalks.

If You Have a Bad Insect Infestation, Call a Professional

An ant pest control professional


The best way to rid of this dark brown pest is to call a pest control service.  With the many pest control services found throughout the United States, there is just one to call.  That control service is A.N.T. Pest Control of New Lenox Illinois.  A pest control company just a call away with all the rights reserved for providing the best ant removal service. So contact us today and watch those ants little black nest areas disappear.


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