Do you know what to do should you develop a rat problem in your home or office building? Having a rat infestation is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Therefore, you will want to know about rat exterminator near me prices.

Potential Rat Infestation Problems

Potential rat infestation problems


The mere idea of a potential rat problem in your home makes anyone nervous.  Not only because they are creepy little pests, but they also have the potential for health risks. To remove rats, you should make sure you call a pest control specialist to do the job.

Upon recognizing a pest problem in your home, you need to seek a rat exterminator who provides service in your zip code for a typical cost. Many pest control companies handle rat control issues. However, you want to ensure the rat exterminators you hire will do the job at a cost you can afford. Do not only look for a "cheap rat exterminator near me." Be after those who provide high-quality service.

Rat Removal Cost by Location

Rat removal cost by location

The hardest thing about rat removal is trying to figure out where the rat problem initially resides. This is where the expertise of professional pest control service comes into play. With regards to how much does rodent stop cost, the answer varies. The rat removal cost depends on several factors. The place where rats are located makes the removal more difficult. For example, rats living within the walls of a building. Most likely, those walls will need to be torn down to get rid of them.

Price Examples for Ridding Rats in Various Locations:

  • Indoor rats: it costs from $200 to $300 to get rid of them.
  • If you have outdoor rats, you are looking at a price range from $200 to over $450 for rat control
  • Rat extermination cost in the attic will cost $300 to $500
  • The most expensive form of rodent control is when they get in the walls. Which can cost from $450 to $600

Removing Rats from Your Home

A rat problem in your home is easy to resolve because they are more recognizable than any other pest problem. In order to deter another rat invasion the pest control companies will set rat traps at all potential rat entry points.

How Exterminators Get Rid of Rats

The rat exterminator will also set bait stations and other rat traps.   After several days, the rat exterminators return to dispose of the deceased rats, make any necessary repairs, and clean-up debris.  The entire procedure of rodent infestation cleanup cost from your home will be somewhere between $200 and $350 or more. Of course, the rat removal cost depends on the extent of the rat outbreak you are dealing with.

Outdoor Rat Control

Outdoor rat control

When you want to get rid of the rats outdoors, it is a similar job to that of indoors. The only difference, a rat infestation can return to its original nests once the extermination process has been completed. However, this can be deterred if the homeowner makes some very imperative alterations around their yard.  For instance, ensuring there is always a lid on garbage receptacles. In addition, any weeds or the grassy area will need to be maintained. Also, when you should feed your house-critter inside and avoid the use of bird feeders. How much does it cost for exterior rat control? This type of rat exterminator costs projects to be upwards of $200 to $450 pending on zip code and materials used.

Removal of Rats in the Attic

Roof rats like Norway Rats are natural climbers, which means they usually enter attics and the upper levels of houses. Rat extermination in the attic requires rat exterminators to have access to your attic and crawl space above your home. This access allows pest control specialists the ability to place rat traps and bait at all the entry holes.

After several days elapse, the rat exterminators will return to take away the dead roof rats from the job site. The attic removal cost for completing this job usually runs from $300 to $500.

Ridding the Walls of Rats

Ridding the walls of rats

This is probably the most comprehensive job of an exterminator for a rat that you paid for a typical cost. The pest problem of rats residing within the walls of a house or building becomes a tedious project. The pest control specialists will usually need to use bait as well as traps for rat elimination.

Structural Restoration Involved in Rat Extermination

They will need to expose the drywall to set these traps and then restore it to its former position.  All of these home repairs are going to be included in the exterminators' final cost. The average cost for rodent removal in your walls is at least $450 to $600. The cost to get rid of rats within the walls is so steep for several reasons. One important reason is if rats die inside the building's wall they emit a horrible odor. Besides, any urine that may ooze through the walls has bacteria that may result in a multitude of diseases.

A Variety of Rodent Removal Techniques

The job of rodent removal can be a very chaotic project if not done properly. For this reason, it is best to hire a professional to get the job done efficiently. This section is going to cover the various techniques used for rodent control.  The average cost to hire a professional to complete these methods of rat extermination can start at $100 to $300.

Traps and Other Removal Techniques

Pest control professionals use a variety of techniques to catch pest. Below are some of the methods the rat exterminator may use to remove wildlife from your home that is included in the typical cost of service you avail:

  • Snap Traps

Rat snap traps

If you want to trap just one of two rats, this type of trap is efficient. If you have children or pets, then these rat devices can be dangerous.

When using the trap method, it's essential to pick the right bait. Just like when we deal with mice problems, choosing the best food to catch mice often leads to effective results.

However, the negative side to using these traps is the consumer is responsible for getting rid of the dead carcasses.

  • Glue boards

These traps are free of any chemicals, and you can safely use them if you have pets or children.  However, they are not considered to be very humane. Therefore, the use of glue traps is not recommended for lovers of nature.

  • Live traps

Rat live traps

When you set traps to get rid of rats or other wildlife control; live traps are the most humane. This type of trap allows for the rat to be caught alive and set free somewhere else into the wildlife.  A live trap is one of the safest rodent removal methods for both the animals and persons involved. Pest control services will set these live traps and return in three days to get rid of any captured rats.

  • Setting up a bait station

This is another excellent method for rodent control and wildlife removal. This is not a trap; it is a small container that has bait to attract rats. If you have small children or pets, a bait station is a safe way to exterminate an issue.  The bait is placed inside the trap so the rat will go in, eat the bait, and then dies. There is no danger of pets or children coming in contact with rat poison when using bait stations. For safety reasons, a bait station should be made to be tamper resistant.

  • Rodenticides


Pest specialists also use baiting treatments known as “rodenticides”. They are blocks or pellets put inside a bait station to attract rats inside. By placing the rodenticide inside the trap, prevents small children or curious pets from getting to the rat poison first.

  • Electronic rat traps

This type of trap is another one of the more humane ways for animal removal. An electric trap serves a rapid death by the method of high-voltage electricity.

How Much Does A Rat Exterminator Cost

The duty of rat extermination can be not only disgusting but also a dangerous task. When you hire an expert you are getting an experienced professional who has all the training required.  The control company you hire knows the ins and outs of rat extermination as well as its clean-up. Attempting to do rat extermination on your own creates many risks. You must ask yourself this, is it worth it to cut back on a typical rat exterminator cost? Estimates will hinge upon: The number of service visits, size of the problem, and the zip code.

Some of the hazards you are taking involve many health risks. You gain the chance of being bitten or contracting illness spread by rats.

How Much Does A Rat Exterminator Cost

Clues to a Rat Issues in Your House or Area

A typical rodent exterminator or wildlife removal for a rat can cost anywhere from a couple hundred to several hundred dollars. Estimates or service price will pend on: Zip code (area of the house) and the amount of rats.   Specialists charge an average cost for rodent removal of up to $500.  This might seem like a lot of money to pay for pest control specialists. However, if you do it yourself, it can cost more than $350 for rat traps alone. Added to that the cost of baiting, searching for rat entry points, and then closing of those entry points.

These are several clues of a rodent problem. Some of the signs of an outbreak include:

  • Rat droppings
  • The scratching sounds made by rats at night
  • Power cords appear chewed on
  • Wires have gnawed marks
  • There are visible nests or burrows
  • Noticeable holes in the area of ceiling or walls
  • Food goes missing or there are chew marks on it
  • The walls, cupboards, and floors have greasy smears
  • A rancid, musky odor is present; particularly if dead rats are present

Due to the rapid rate rats multiply it is imperative to get an exterminator to resolve the issue very quickly. The larger a rat infestation becomes, the odds of your contracting disease increases too. In addition, calling an exterminator for rat on a typical cost will help to reduce the damage they can create.

Shopping for a Rat Exterminator

When shopping for a rat exterminator for a one-time service, you are looking at an hourly rate of $75 to $100. This may seem affordable; however, the hours can stack up pretty quickly. You may find yourself faced with a chore that takes two or three days to complete. You will soon realize the flat-rate rat exterminator cost of around $200 to $500 service contract will be much more feasible and within budget. The service contract offered by rat extermination companies sometimes includes the cost of a return visit for cleaning up. Depending upon your zip code the cost of a rat extermination service will vary.  Estimates will hinge upon the projects needed to complete.

Pest Control Company

rat exterminator company for a typical cost

How much does a rat or pest control company charge to get rid of a roof rat issue other rodent infestations?

The answer to this question will vary depending on several factors. Rat exterminator cost will depend on one typical factor to determine is “how many rats are there in your infestation?”

Catching a rodent infestation early is key to an easier resolution of the problem. However, rats multiply rather quickly; when you see one, many rats could follow.

Hiring pest control specialists to handle an infestation is the best guarantee for a rat free life. They are knowledgeable about how many traps and bait stations are required. A professional rodent control company knows the best animal removal techniques. Treating each property infestation on a case by case basis. Understanding the importance of getting this rodent infestation to go away.

Rats can create a lot of damage to your home, buildings, and other property. Not only will they chew everything in sight. Not only can rat droppings have the potential for the spread of disease and illness. But, their urine can seep through the walls and floors emitting a foul odor. Finding their entry points to seal them off adds an increased cost to the initial estimate of an exterminator. Locating their nests is also imperative. Rodents' nests must be found and disposed of because this is where they often urinate and eventually die.

The Advantages of Hiring a Rat Exterminator

Another advantage of hiring a professional rat exterminator as part of their service includes the removal of dead rodents for a typical cost. The handling of deceased rats and sanitizing the mess they leave behind is how you can contract a disease. Most professional pest control services will remove these articles as part of their service for an additional fee. However, this service fee is well worth it; no one wants to handle dead rats, it is a disgusting job.

How Much is Rat Damage Costing?

The national average in the United States is about $20 billion worth of destruction to residences, businesses, and even agriculture annually. If you suspect an infiltration of rats or other wild life you need to act quickly. Rodents can create a lot of havoc and damage in a short amount of time. Therefore, it is imperative to call a rat exterminator as soon as you recognize the signs and symptoms of an infestation. This next section will go over some of the ways these furry little pests can cause a whole lot of damage and destruction.

Problems Caused by a Rodent Infestation

An infestation poses even a larger problem than you may be aware of. These furry animals, most commonly roof rats can get into the attic of your home that adds, even more, cost to you in the form of home repairs. Eliminating a rodent issue can take several days. Depending upon how many entry points there may be.

Potential Damage Caused by Rodents

For such small animals, rats are capable of causing a lot of damage. Their sharp little teeth can gnaw through electric cords and cause power outages and structural fires. The financial loss can often amount to $1000’s and even more.

  • Electrical Danger

Rats and other rodents will chew on anything. This includes the electrical wiring in your home or office building. They do this because of teeth that are growing rapidly.  They need to chew on articles to keep their fangs sharp and filed down.

electrical danger caused by rodents

  • Fire Hazard

An infestation is more trouble than just the food they nibble on. They can also be the cause of electrical fires. These types of fires hold the potential for being substantially dangerous and costly. It doesn’t take long for a fire to spark once a rat starts gnawing at an electrical cord's protective covering.

  • Rodents Cause 20% of Structural Fires

Rats & wildlife cause 20% of the fires in the United States. Fires that have otherwise undetermined causes. The electrical damage created by these wild animals is not only a nuisance but potentially life-threatening. Therefore, it is a good idea to have an annual examination of your home or building's wiring.

How Rats Create an Unsound Structure

Keep in mind, when it comes to their homes or nests, rodents are indiscriminate. They are comfortable creating their homes and nests wherever it is warm and insulated. This means your attic, inside the walls, and even sewer pipes are fair game. In addition, rats will create structural disturbances or damage in an attempt to carve out the entry points.

How to Prevent Structural Damage

Preventing rat structural damage

When you call a pest professional they are qualified and comprehend how imperative it is to catch an infestation early. Ask them about the rodent inspection cost. These professionals you hire can inspect your property and find clues to where the infestation began. Searching out any entry points a rat has access to is the first step to this process.

  • Rats Can Do Damage to Irreplaceable Items

Rats, rodents, and other outdoor pests create a lot of damage that is devastating. This damage is not only structural. Sadly, these pesky critters can destroy items that cannot be replaced. They get in boxes stored in the attic and will chew up old pictures or antique linens. That Afghan blanket your great-grandmother crocheted? A rat (or several) can chew it up to nothing more than a pile of yarn.

  • Even a Storage Bin Is Not Safe

Rat in a storage bin

Even storing possessions in a locked storage bin may not guarantee safety from a rat’s sharp teeth. Mice, rats, and other rodents have sharp teeth capable of chewing through almost any material.

  • How a Rat Sharpens Its Teeth

A rat sharpens its teeth by a process known as thegosis. This is done by bruxing and gnawing on various articles. The incisors of a rat have a front surface made from hard enamel. They naturally attrition at an angle.  This allows the delicate dentin in the back to diminish prior to the coating at the anterior of the tooth. A rat is capable of moving its jaw forward for the lower teeth to protrude from the upper incisors. The jaw goes forward as it bruxes, this causes the teeth on the bottom to grind. This action causes the upper teeth to deteriorate and creates attrition with the lower teeth.

Healthy Habits

Rodents and rats are capable of creating damage to more than just possessions. They can also create havoc with our health.  A rat’s scratches, bites, urine, and feces can carry illness and disease. An infestation can infect the occupants of a building with numerous diseases in which the CDC keeps updated.

Best Rat exterminator

Hire a Rat Exterminator for Your Peace of Mind

The national average of homeowners spends more than $1,000 trying to diminish rat infestations. Hiring a professional rat exterminator near me gives you the peace of mind in knowing the job will be done right. Make the call today to find out how a qualified rat exterminator can help you rid your property of a pesky rodent infestation. Your peace of mind is worth the call.

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