So, you have found the house of your dreams, and it's finally moving day. However there is only one issue; previous residents will not pack up and leave. We are not talking about the old owner or tenants though.

These other residents are the ones that fly, crawl, and creep around your beautiful home. Thus, a home inspection is necessary to be made aware of these unwelcome roommates.

A pest control expert doing a home inspection for pest

An inspection for pests should be part of every home inspection, and it is imperative that it be done on a routine basis.  You want to ensure no unwelcome house guests are taking up residence in your new home.

Therefore, you must hire a professional pest control company to complete an inspection immediately. In addition, your mortgage company might also mandate a regular inspection, depending on the mortgage type.

Why a Pest Inspection Before Closing Offers the Peace of Mind, Your Buyers Need

When a home inspection is completed prior to the close of escrow, it gives the homebuyer peace of mind. Moving into a home unaware of whether pests are present can be a scary thought. Nobody wants to share living quarters with pests; for this reason, inspections should be completed on a routine basis.

In addition, scheduling an annual inspection should be part of everyday homeowner maintenance. These types of inspections potentially reduce any pest-related risks to people and pets as well as protect your personal property and belongings from the damages an infestation can cause.

What Is a Home Pest Inspection?

A pest control specialist will conduct a complete check of your property inside and out, looking for signs of a termite infestation. The pest inspector will be looking for signs of a termite infestation. Some of these signs include droppings, mud tubes, and damaged wood.

Who pays for the inspection?

When home pest inspections are required for the sale of a home, the seller is usually responsible for paying the inspection cost. Certain states require a termite inspection report prior to selling or buying a home. A termite or pest inspection ensures the home has no termites or insects that destroy wood.

What is included in a pest inspection?

A pest control company that performs an inspection completely sweeps a home's outside and inside. The inspector checks all areas that unwelcome pests are likely to access, such as attics, basements, garages, and crawl spaces.

The inspector might also pay close attention to any obvious entry points, such as foundation issues and holes in the walls. Following the inspection, a pest inspection report is issued to the home appraiser.

Termite exterminators look for red-flag warnings like damaged wood. A termite inspection might reveal wood damage believed to be wet or dry rot. This damage often results from wood-damaging pests such as carpenter bees or termites.

Termite damages on the wood

Other signs pest inspectors look for are gnaw marks on furniture, which are clues to a pest infestation of rats or mice.

The pest assessor can get an idea of what critters to look for by considering the climate where you live. For example, climates containing a lot of moisture attract cockroaches, centipedes, and ants.

How does a pest inspection before closing differ from a home inspection?

A home inspection is something that is completely separate from a bug inspection. Home inspectors look for particular areas to discover how bugs access a house to create the damage they do.

However, a pest inspection will check for various other bugs and verify the size of the invasion. Also, looking for ways they gain access to prevent a future infestation.

A Pest Inspection is a Thorough Search For Any Infestations

During the pest control inspection, the trained inspector searches for insects and other critters that wreak havoc on the property. One common structural concern is created by termites getting their nutrients from the wood in a home.

However, the focus of the inspection goes further and searches for bugs and rodents. Another structural fear is fire ants; they access your home via the heating and air conditioning systems.

Do You Need a Bug Inspection To Buy a House?

When a home goes up for sale, the current homeowners are legally obligated to inform the new buyer about any infestation. Termites can affect the structural integrity of a home; this is why this information must be disclosed. According to experts, termite damage can decrease a home's value by around 20%.

What Signals Damage Created by a Scourge

If you believe you have a bug problem, indications of common household blight include gnawing marks or holes in walls and floors. In addition, they like to burrow near garbage containers and areas with overgrown grass and weeds. Both of these places offer plenty of food sources and warm places.

A sign you might have mice or rat infestation is finding tiny gnaw marks on objects. Rats and other creatures like gnawing on various things. Various rodent species sharpen their teeth to eat food or to protect themselves from predators.

A Detailed Pest Inspector Report

After the inspection, ensure you receive a detailed pest report of any major issues with the house. A detailed report should also contain information regarding any potential health hazard that needs addressing.

The report, complete following a professional pest inspection, includes a wide review of every single point of the house. It doesn't necessarily take a close view of certain aspects of the inspection.

Whereas you may need follow-up pest inspections to take a second look. A lot of home inspection professionals are not trained to recognize clues to the stress created by these problems.

What does a pest inspection cost, and who pays for it?

Every inspector charges a different fee for their services; some offer quarterly plans, and some homeowners can pre-purchase plans. Typically, the yearly pest control services cost approximately $300 to $500 annually for the control of small infestations. You might expect to pay up to $300 for a single treatment, depending on your pest problems.

What are Pre-Purchase Building Inspections?

A third-party independent inspector performing a home inspection that is pre-purchased is called a pre-purchase building inspection. These inspections are done primarily for the buyer's benefit by a trained pest inspector.

The goal of this type of inspection is to locate and archive any concerns regarding structural defects or damage and safety. Any of these concerns have the potential to affect the property's value negatively.

What Do Pest Inspectors Look For?

The inspector searches for clues to a pest invasion. One thing that signals a problem includes broken wings, flawed wood, mud tubes, and the insect's droppings. Your inspector will also verify any excess moisture content attractive to subterranean termites.

A complete insect inspection consists of checking a home's attic, utility room, basement, and crawl space. These places are the most common and favorite places for pests to inhabit.

The termite belongs to a group of pests known as wood-destroying insects. A group that includes carpenter ants and powder post beetles. The primary concern regarding investigations for wood-destroying organisms is to seek any clues for fungi. Pest control inspectors look for dry-wood termites, often referred to as "furniture termites" or "doorframe termites." these pests create damage in the thousand-dollar range.

Powder post beetle damaaging woods

When you hire an inspector to look for insect, rodent problems, or other pests, they inspect anything that looks like it could be preexisting. Once you are aware of these issues, you are able to take care of them before they create serious damage.

A pre-purchase pest inspection aids in making you aware of these pre-existing or potential pest problems.

A Pest Control Company does an Evaluation Of Any Structural Damage

Mortgage lenders like Rocket Mortgage and even Veterans Affairs require a complete evaluation of any structural damage to a home. One of the most common structural concerns is one created by a termite issue.

Some of the wood damage the cause includes crushed joints, resulting in a hollow sound in some areas. Many times, these bugs and rodents can go unnoticed by the untrained eye, another reason a professional inspection is a wise investment.

Pest Prevention

If you are applying for a loan through Rocket Mortgage or a VA loan, the home must be pest-free. This means that all preventive measures have been taken to rid common household pests and repair pest damage.

A house should have termite inspections completed at least once a year to prevent structural damage.

Take the first step toward buying a home

One of the first steps following your Rocket Mortgage approval is to have your dream home inspected for a potential pest problem. Often times, a buyer requests the home be inspected for all potential issues prior to closing.

Contact A.N.T. Pest Control for Your Annual Pest Inspection

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