Pests are pesky little creatures that are annoying to have in the house. But that is only part of it. Pests such as rodents and bugs like cockroaches are dangerous to our health. These creatures spread diseases and cause countless damages.

As such, pest and rodent control becomes something that we need to do. There are different ways to control pests and rodents, as well as pest and rodent control services that will come in handy when the invasion gets out of control.

These different pests have different ways to get rid of them. What works for bug pests like cockroaches, for example, may not be sufficient for rodent pests such as mice and rats.  Exterminators, as an expert who does rodent pest control methods, need to be distinctive from the other pest control methods.

Signs of pests and rodents in your home will include:


  •  Black rice-sized droppings
  • Chewy marks on food
  • A strong odor of mice droppings and urine - ammonia


  • Crusty egg casings on corners
  • You catch sight of them frequently. This sighting could be a sign that they are swarming.
  • Tiny, black droppings.


  • They fly about regularly

How do you begin pest and rodent control?

1. Hygiene Method of Pest and Rodent Control

Hygiene is one of the most effective rat pest control.  Among the ways to use health is through:

  •  Seal Entry Points

The very first step to rodent pest control is to seal entry points. While other pests may find different ways to get in, you can begin to get rid of rodent pests by finding out where they come in and closing them out.

Seal the possible entry points of rodents

This type of rodent pest control method could include :

a) Patching up holes in every corner of the house and your property.

b) Keeping doors locked at every convenience.

Once you have a way of keeping them outside, you are putting to great use one of the most effective pest and rodent control methods.

  •  Keep The Storage and Garage Clean

Most pests find their way into the house through the garage or storage. Often, these places are usually filled with junk, creating a conducive environment for the creatures to create a home.

Thus, the best way to begin to control these pests and rodents is always to ensure that your garage and storage are clean.

Clearing junk is especially an effective rodent pest control method, especially for mice, as they love warm and isolated conditions for breeding. By removing this factor, you leave them with no alternative but to go and find another place.

  • Seal Food Properly

Properly sealing food is a pest and rodent control method that is cheap and easy to achieve. The reason pests and rodents find great joy in homes is that they get to get food and shelter easily and for free!

So, invest in seal-tight containers to store your food and keep them away from the walls. While pets such as cockroaches and flies will find the food even when you place it away from the wall, rats and mice will have a hard time reaching it. However, since the container is water-tight and pest-proof, even when they do find it, they will not contact it. Sealing food is one effective way of pest and rodent control.

Once they begin starving, they will move out to find other food sources.

  •  Empty Trash Cans Regularly/ Clear Bushes Around The Home

Pests and rodents will always swarm toward dirty places that promise them plenty of food. These places include trash cans and compost pits. Bushes and stagnant water around the home will become homes to pests.

As such, ensure that you empty and clean your trash can regularly. When you clean, you take away the draw that brings the pests to your property, and as such, have yourself the best way to kill rats and mice yet a cheaper one to control pests and rodents.

  •  Thorough and Regular Cleaning of The House

Cleaning is the elimination method of pest and rodent control methods. On top of having clean storage and garage, you will need to clean your house thoroughly too. While at it, use chemicals with a strong smell so that it will keep the pest and rodents away.

On top of this, pests such as cockroaches and rodents such as mice use pheromones to invite others. When you use a cleaning agent with a strong smell, you will effectively be burying the pheromones, thus ensuring that there is no trail for others to follow. 

2. Biological Method

The biological method of pest and rodent control is also another very effective method to rid your house of pesky creatures. 

One of the most popular ways of doing this is by keeping pets that eat the creatures. Cats are one of the prominent animals you can keep as a rodent pest control. There is also the rat terrier, which can also be useful in mice.

Pets as Rodent Pests Control Method

Chicken also feeds on cockroaches, so you can also keep them as a way of pest and rodent control method.

If you are allergic to animals, there are other biological ways to carry out pest and rodent control. You could use cat urine. Place it in the entry and strategic points around the house.

3. Chemical Method

This method of pest and rodent control is controversial, but it is also one of the most effective to get rid of rats fast.

  • Use of Insecticides and Pesticides

These chemicals are effective on insect pests such as cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes.

Whether it is DDT, Endrin, or Aldrin, among others, insecticides will work well as a  control method. Many will work even on the eggs of the insects. However, because of the lethal nature of this method, take safety precautions such as:

a) Cover all foodstuffs before spraying

b) Spray in the corners and places where they are likely to hide/breed

c) Keep the chemicals away from children.

d) Always wear protective clothing and masks when spraying.

  • Mouse or Rat Poison

When it comes to ways to control pests and rodents, there is the old bait-poison approach. Bait and poison is also a great way of pest control as it kills the rodent rather than drive them away.

However, the downside of this is that once the rodent learns that the food is bait, it might begin to avoid it. Rodents tend to be smart. As such, use this method along with other methods of rodent pest control.

Some precautions to take when using the best mouse trap bait - poison method:

a) Keep the poisoned bait in hidden places, places where the rodent will be tempted to go out and explore.

b) Keep the bait away from children and pets.

4. Other Methods

The thing with control methods is that there are countless ways in which you can get rid of rodents. Here are other methods.

  • Use of Traps

The traps use contraptions to capture, and some kill, the rodents.

  • Snap Trap

The snap trap captures and kills the rat or mouse instantly; thus, it is instrumental in bringing down the population of the mice. These traps are inexpensive and reusable. Therefore, having about five or six at your disposal will be helpful in your rodent situation.

Snap trap to catch mice

  • Live Trap

These traps capture but do not kill the rodent. So, if you do not want to deal with a dead rodent, this will be effective. ‘

These traps have a trigger-sensitive door that activates once the rat is inside the cage or chamber. These traps are larger and less discreet, so smarter rodents might avoid them. However, if you are looking for a humane method of getting rid of rodents, then this will work well for you.

Pest and Rodent Control Services

When you come up to a swarm of pests and rodents, then the other traps will only work to bring down the population but not get rid of them entirely. And pests and rodents do breed rather quickly. This situation calls for pest and rodent control exterminators.

Pest and rodent control services involve an affordable cost of exterminator for rats and will also include chemicals and traps. However, when you find a professional, the process will be sufficient. A professional exterminator knows where the rodents hide best and how to drive them out.

On top of that, they could also help you with advice on how best to seal entry points. They will also be giving you follow-ups and help with bringing attention to potential swarming signs. This foresight will allow you to begin the process of controlling the pests and rodents long before they build up the numbers. Pests and rodents are not pleasant situations to deal with. And this especially becomes true when they swarm and throw their stink all over the place.

As such, when you find that you are beginning to deal with what is a large number of pests and rodents, make a point of beginning to work right away. As we have seen, these creatures breed fast, and the sight of one in your home is a sign that, if you do not act, they will grow in numbers. There are many ways to control pests and rodents. Use the best way to kill rats and mice to have a rodent-free home significantly.

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