Wasp Prevention

Can we stop 100% of wasps from gaining access to our property?  Completely eliminating all wasp activity from our property is an impractical expectation. However, there are a few proven strategies that can be done to minimize the activity. When these actions are performed consistently, activity will be minimal, and wasp prevention will be enforced.

Wasp Prevention And TipsTips to for Wasp Prevention

  • Rid property of grass clippings, leaves, and branches.
  • Trim trees and bushes
  • Make sure garbage can lids are completely closed
  • Rinse out garbage receptacles monthly during warm seasons
  • Remove any standing water found on toys, bird baths, and patio furniture
  • Inspect gutters & remove stagnant debris
  • Knockdown reachable wasp nests immediately as they appear
  • Key areas to check on the exterior of the home: Lighting fixtures, laundry vent covers, under eaves, along roof lines, trees, tree stumps, brick, and siding of the home.
  • Pay attention to the ground surrounding your property, particularly to areas that go undisturbed for several days.

The goal is to make your property the worst option for wandering yellow jackets, paper wasps, and hornets looking to nest. These tips should be consistently carried out during the warm seasons. Most of these above actions can be done when doing weekly yard work. Taking action on these recommendations will also minimize many other potential pest problems (especially mosquitoes).

Remember this: Wasps will exude either solitary or social behaviors. Solitary wasps will generally keep to themselves and proceed with their instinctual behavior. They will generally build a small wasp nest for themselves and their family. Social wasps will usually have a larger nest and communicate with many of their counterparts. Social wasps are usually more dangerous to deal with. Due to the fact they can call upon their friends during nest removal or wasp extermination.

Wasp Nest Removal

Nest removal- Be extremely cautious when knocking down or removing wasp nests. Be sure to wear clothing that covers the whole body. The best time to get rid of a wasp nest will be during the morning or evening hours. During these times, the nests should be close to full capacity. The best option at this time would be to spray the nest and eliminate the wasps. If you choose to use a pest control company for wasp control, be sure they are licensed and insured.

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For more information about wasp prevention, please refer to the Illinois Department of Public Health website.

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