The Claim: Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

“So, I plug it in the wall and that will take care of my pest problem?”  If you were to “Google” the phrase “ultrasonic pest repeller”, you would find a zillion pages filled with mixed reviews regarding the usefulness of these devices.  Give it a try… Or better yet simply search for these products on Amazon  You will find 583 different ultrasonic pest repellers for sale.  The directions on these products say… Plug it in and ants, mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes and your first born will run out of your house (lol). 

Ultrasonic pest repellers operate by omitting ultrasonic waves into the environment.  Once the device is plugged in… The high-pitched frequency of the ultrasonic waves will be sensed by pests inside a home.  Once the pests hear the annoying sound, they are suppose to “pack their bags” and abort their mission of infesting our home.  It’s really that simple! Just make sure you keep them plugged in.  Oh yea, don’t forget…  Most ultrasonic pest repeller’s will only cover 1200 square feet of a home, so you may need to purchase several to ensure complete coverage of your home.  So how effective are these plug-in devices and do they actually work as described?

The Truth: Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

After a very thorough investigation of testing and researching these electronic devices, we have a verdict.  Ultrasonic pest repellers may actually  provide some value.  However, they definitely do not work how they are portrayed by the companies which sell them.  They will do absolutely nothing to repel any insects such as  ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, wasps etc. .  The sound frequency of ultrasonic waves has no effect to insects. The insects will not notice anything and carry on with their instinctual mission. 

The Possible Benefit: Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers    

The sole benefit of using ultrasonic pest repellers is to make our home less attractive to rodents.  I would recommend using them as a preventative measure, once all the mice are already gone.  If you had a rodent problem in the past, new rodents will show up due to the pheromones left behind by the last generation.  Ultrasonic pest repeller’s may possibly redirect future incoming mice to another location. If a home is already infested with mice…  Ultrasonic pest repellers will not solve the preexisting rodent problem!  Why? Some mice will actually sense the sound of the ultrasonic waves and become a bit agitated.  However, after a short period of time, mice will adapt to the sound and no longer be annoyed. 

Remember This...

Mice like humans are mammals.  We adapt to our environment.  For example:  You walk into your favorite restaurant and immediately you are hit with an amazing aroma of food.  Within a few minutes of sitting down at a table, you will no longer notice the “amazing aroma” of food even though it is still present.  So why is this example relevant?  Because rodents will adapt to the initial annoyance of sound created by ultrasonic waves.   Electronic plug-in devices will not make rodents run out of our homes.  However, they may redirect mice looking to possibly seek shelter in your home based off the initial annoyance created by ultrasonic pest repeller.  If you need more assistance in catching rodents check out are article on rodent control .   

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