Behavior & Distinctions

Silverfish Control- This wingless, nocturnal pest moves like a "fish". The main attraction for this pest is humidity levels above 50%. They will eat paper, fabric, linens, cotton, glue, and dead insects. These ugly pests harbor in cool, damp areas such as basements, crawlspaces, attics and bathrooms.

Size & Characteristics

  • Size: .4-1 inch in length
  • Color: Grey-silver
  • Scientific Name: Lepisma saccharina

How Do You Eliminate Silverfish?

Eliminating silverfish can be a challenging operation.  Controlling them, starts with making the structure less attractive to them.  Reducing the relative humidity is a huge factor.  By taking the humidity away, silverfish can’t survive or reproduce. 

Silverfish Control Step #1: First we must measure the humidity in all areas of the structure.  Document each room and the level of humidity. Do not forget to check basements, crawlspaces, bathrooms and attics. 

Silverfish Control Step #2: The next goal, is removing the excessive moisture and humidity in those key areas. How do you remove moisture and humidity?  Ensure there is no leaky pipes providing excessive moisture.   Install dehumidifiers in silverfish “hot spots” to lower the relative humidity level.  If there is a crawl space or attic, make sure vents are allowing adequate ventilation & air flow to circulate the area.

Silverfish Control Step #3: After removing the moisture... Exterminate silverfish with a pesticide labeled for silverfish.  It’s important to know that pesticides will only kill present silverfish. Some professional grade pesticides will provide a few months of control.  If steps 1 and 2 are not performed, new silverfish will arise soon. For additional information regarding silverfish please check "Pest Worlds" article. It is a very informative article about silverfish.

Do You Need Assistance In Control Of Silverfish?

A.N.T. Pest Control can assist you with silverfish control... This is how we proceed with any pest related issue.

Inspection- The technician will first LISTEN to the customer describe the problem and areas of concern.  Then the inspection begins…

During the inspection we are seeking the answers to 4 specific questions… 

  • What Pest are we dealing with? The goal is identify & confirm what pest we are exactly dealing with.  This is based on evidence found during the inspection. 
  • Why is it here?  Diagnosing the source(s) & pest appeal of the structure. 
  • What is the best method of elimination for the customer?  Every situation is different.  The presence of small children, pets, disease, family illnesses, gardens, koi ponds, etc.  Picking the safest and most effective application options to fit the customer’s needs.  
  • How can this be prevented in the future?  What structural recommendations could be made to prevent the pest from coming back.

Customer communication- The results of the inspection are verbally communicated to the customer.  We identify the pest causing issues. Then explain the source(s) of the problem.  Finally, we present the best treatment options for the customer’s situation.

Application- Executing safe application of pesticide(s).  Treatments are completed in accordance with the pesticide label.  Upon completion of the application, the customer is notified & informed of what they can expect following treatment.

Follow-up & Customer Satisfaction- A representative will call the customer several days after treatment to ensure their pest problem is resolved.  If for some reason the pest problem still exists…  A.N.T. Pest Control comes back to inspect & exterminate them.

A.N.T. Pest Control is a licensed, certified and insured company. We serve New Lenox, Manhattan, Joliet, Frankfort, Mokena, Tinley Park, Orland Park and the surrounding suburbs. A.N.T. will earn your trust... Call us today!

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