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Wasps and other stinging insects can make your outdoor space a no-go zone. Do not despair. Our team at A.N.T pest control provides services that will help you control wasp. The stings from wasps are not only painful but can be fatal to those with an allergy to them.

Nest in the house that was made by the wasp

Unsure of whether to eliminate the wasps in your space? Then you have come to the right place. Our team will help assess the danger, if any, posed by the wasps. Their location will determine whether we will advise you to go the treatment way or let them be. Wasps that have made nests near your house in areas such as near doors, windows, or kids play areas should be eradicated. Sometimes, it is best leaving those that have made their nests high in the trees and other such areas if they do not present a threat.

A.N.T Pest Control Stinging Insect Eradication Procedures:

We use our tried and tested procedure for wasp control services to deal with wasps and other stinging insects in your home. The procedure includes three steps that will eradicate the wasps.

Step # 1: Nest Inspection

One of our seasoned pest control experts will be in touch with you to inspect your property. The objective of this visit is to determine the extent of the wasp’s infestation, the type of stinging insect, the level of danger it poses, and to come up with a plan to deal with the infestation. Some wasp nests are visible and easy to locate.  Other nests may be hidden in wall voids, soffit voids, in the ground or in a tree.

Nest inspection as one procedure of the wasp control services

Step #2: Wasp Eradication

Our team will go forward to eliminate or do expert services on how get rid of wasp nest(s). Some situations may require more than one treatment.  Subsequent visits will only be charged when they are done & agreed upon with the customer.

Step #3: Feedback and Customer Care

At A.N.T., we pride ourselves in always being available to our customers for follow-up texts & calls. Our team is interested in the best results, and we will call/text to make sure that everything is working as expected.

Common Questions about Stinging Insects

Will the wasps reuse the same nest from last summer or spring?

Queen wasps do not reuse old nests. They focus on building a new nest where they use new nesting structures. They may build near the old nest, but they don’t reclaim the old one.

Will wasp reuse the same nest?

What are these giant wasps that are nesting in the ground near my swinging pool?

Cicada killer wasps are known to nest in the ground. Their name and size make them intimidating, but they are generally not aggressive wasps. They are very protective of their wasps, and they become intimidating if you interfere with their nests.

Do Hornets Sting Multiple Times or Just Once?

Hornets sting multiple times if they think that their or their nests are in danger. They become very aggressive when they think their colonies are in danger and will sting multiple times to protect their colony.

Do hornets sting multiple times?

Facts About Stinging Insects

  • Facts about stinging insectsYellowjacket colonies can have up to 5,000 workers in the Midwest.
  • Bald-faced hornets create paper-like nests that hang on tree branches. They are oval and maybe the size of footballs or larger.
  • The queen in a yellowjacket colony is the only reproductive female of the colony.
  • The Africanized Killer bee is the most aggressive stinging insect.

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