The importance of knowing about wasp control and nest removal could be due to serval reasons. Particularly,  it’s not uncommon for wasps to build their nests in common human gathering places. Similarly, the aggressive defense of their nests makes them worse and more dangerous. They are especially dangerous to those with wasp sting allergies. In fact, wasps can do much more damage than bees because they do not leave their stingers behind when they attack. Truly, they can repeatedly sting the same target.

So when you see wasps around your property or find a nest, it’s essential to leave it to the experts. If you try DIY methods like knocking down the nest, the results could be terrible. And you could be stung by hundreds of wasps as you anger the entire hive. Indeed A.N.T. Pest Control has the best wasp control and nest removal services in New Lenox and nearby areas. We have extensive experience locating and safely removing nests. Reach out today to speak with one of our wasp control experts for more information on the nest removal of your wasp problem.

Types of Wasps in Illinois

Comparatively, many different wasps look similar, often making them hard to identify. In addition, it can also be hard to differentiate bees from wasps. Particularly because wasps are more aggressive and can sting multiple times when threatened. Thus, quick identification is crucial.

Hence, it’s important to know which stinging insect has infiltrated your yard. Having this knowledge could save you from a lot of pain. Particularly, the common decision most homeowners make upon seeing a nest is to spring into action, even when it could prove dangerous. And because of the risks, you should know what you are up against before you dive into the fray.

Indeed, the most common types of wasps in Illinois are listed below. However, if you cannot identify the species in your yard, don’t wait to reach out to our wasp control and nest removal experts. 

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Wasp Control and Nest Removal: How A.N.T. Pest Control Takes Charge

At A.N.T. Pest Control, we have the best certified and licensed wasp pest control technicians to find and safely do nest removal. You won’t have to worry about being stung. Our wasp exterminator technicians can also identify the specific species of a wasp on your property and provide you with the most effective solutions for protecting your family.

  • Identification

It’s essential to properly identify the wasps you have on your property to find the best solution for their removal and prevention. Unfortunately, they can easily be mistaken for any number of other stinging insects, making it hard for the untrained eye to properly identify the species. But, our technicians are expertly skilled in identifying the type of wasp that’s affecting your home. And this is a critical step of wasp control in forming the best plan for nest removal.

Wasp Control and Nest Removal - Identification

  • Treatment

Particularly, treatment options will vary based on several things, including the type of wasps, severity and size of the infestation, nest location, and state and local regulations. Consequently after they correctly identify the wasp, your A.N.T. Pest Control technicians will make the appropriate recommendations for treatment.

Wasp Control and Nest Removal - Treatment

Treatment Methods

a) Bald-Faced Hornet Nests: To get rid of bald faced hornets nest, your technician will apply residual dust in the nest’s entrance. Then, they will puncture the nest’s side to apply additional dust.

b) Paper Wasp Nests: Your technician will eliminate the colony with an aerosol insecticide, residual dust, or repellent liquid residual. Then once all signs of wasps are gone, they will remove the nest.

c) Yellow Jacket Nests: If we find nests in wall or ground voids, we’ll control them by applying residual dust at the nest opening. But when there is no nest, we’ll place yellow jacket traps where the insects commonly gather.

d) Cicada Killer Wasp: To address how to get rid of cicada killers infestations, our approach typically involves applying insecticides.  assistance from a pest control professional for nest removal in areas of concern.

  • Prevention

Accordingly, you can routinely check your property for signs of wasps and nests to ensure you get the earliest treatment possible. But be sure to contact us at the first indication you have an infestation.

Wasp Control and Nest Removal - Prevention

How To Prevent Wasps

One way to keep your property safe from wasps is to make the yard less attractive for nest building. Hence, you can follow these tips for effective wasp prevention:

a) Check for Nests: Early spring is an ideal time to check for nests. Specifically,  in the early stages, they’ll be the size of a walnut or golf ball. In addition, these smaller early-stage nests have fewer wasps, making them easier to treat and exterminate wasp. Oftentimes, the most common places to check include under your eaves, in cavity walls, sheds, garages, or lofts.

b) Keep Your Garbage Covered: Outside garbage cans should have tightly fitting lids. Also, keep them away from any doors and windows.

c) Keep Windows And Doors Shut: You’ll have a better chance of keeping wasps out of your home when you keep the entrances shut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wasps will not reuse their old nests.

Bald faced hornets are the most aggressive.  In fact, when it comes to bald faced hornet nest, they will guard this proactively and react with vigilance if they sense a possible threat.

They have a keen sense which absorbs sound and vibration found in the environment. When these key indicators become triggered they will go into attack mode.

Wasps can continue to sting many times while bees only sting once.  

Reach Out for Professional Wasp Management

If you have a wasp problem, don’t try to handle it yourself. There’s too much risk and danger involved with handling a lot of wasps. Contact A.N.T. Pest Control at (815) 215-7211 to have a specialist evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action.


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