Termite Inspections (NPMA-33)

Do you need a termite inspection, including a home inspection, for your upcoming real estate transaction? Termite infestations can cause significant damage to your home or property, potentially costing thousands of dollars if left untreated. It’s crucial to have both termite and home inspections conducted before purchasing, selling, or refinancing your property.

Termite Inspection (NPMA-33)

As an expert in the industry, A.N.T. Pest Control specializes in providing high-quality and reliable termite inspection services that you can trust.

We understand how stressful and frustrating it can be to buy, sell, or refinance a property.

Certainly, A.N.T. Pest Control is here to assist you in getting the NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect report. It is a document required for a smooth real estate transaction.


Our Termite Inspections follow a 3-step process to provide quick and efficient service. Thus, our Termite Inspections are conducted in accordance with the National Pest Management Association’s NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect report.

This report is crucial for any real estate transaction. It provides essential information on the presence or absence of wood-destroying pests and any damage they may have caused.

STEP #1: Appointment

We will schedule a convenient time for one of our experienced technicians to visit your property and conduct a thorough inspection.

Appointment for a Termite Inspection

STEP #2: Termite Inspection Process

We will come out and inspect the structure for wood-destroying insects. In particular, we will use advanced equipment and techniques to detect the presence of termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-destroying pests. Our team is trained to identify the signs of an infestation, such as termite mud tubes, damaged wood, and live insects.

STEP #3: Termite Inspection Report

We will email you the report the next day (PDF file). We understand the urgency of the situation, which is why we are providing you with the report as quickly as possible. Specifically, we will send the report to you via email. It will contain all the necessary information to satisfy the requirements of lenders, realtors, and other parties involved in the transaction.

At A.N.T. Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing professional service and transparent communication throughout the process. Indeed, our team is always available to respond to any inquiries and assist with all transactions.

Termite Inspection Report

In addition to our inspection services, we also provide termite treatment services to eliminate any active infestations. Our team of experts will recommend the best treatment options to fit your specific needs and budget.

Don’t let termites damage your property and cause you unnecessary stress. Call A.N.T. Pest Control New Lenox today at (815) 215-7211 to schedule your Termite Inspection and get the peace of mind you deserve.


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