Spider Management

Many people are afraid of spiders, carrying a significant amount of concern about deadly spider species and the ways to control spider. And there’s also a common belief that spiders target people specifically with the intention of biting them. 

But the good news is this isn’t actually true. Yet while spider bite hit people, it’s generally the last thing on their agenda. In general, a human is much more dangerous to a spider than the other way around. For a spider, their fangs and venom are tools for feeding, and humans aren’t their normal prey.

Regardless, most homeowners don’t want spiders in their homes or around their properties. And for years, A.N.T. Pest Control has been the reliable, dependable solution for spider control. No matter how many bugs they’re getting rid of, spider webs all over your business or home are not attractive.

Spider Control Services in New Lenox - A.N.T. Pest Control

In addition, having a spider infestation could indicate you have other problems because they build their webs where their food sources are most plentiful.

On the other hand, some spiders can cause harm to humans with their venom, such as the brown recluse. While this spider bite is rarely fatal, it should be taken seriously, and the person who was bitten should be taken for medical treatment.

So if you have a spider problem in your home, A.N.T. Pest Control can help get rid of spiders. We can remove spiders of all life stages and their webs.

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Spider Species

Several spider species are common around humans. In Illinois, the most common species include the following: 

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    Spider Control Experts

    We’re the local spider control experts in New Lenox who know how to get rid of spiders by tracking them down and finding all their hiding spaces. We use all the latest technology and techniques known in the industry.

    Our A.N.T. specialists will inspect your basement and crawlspaces, two common places where spiders are found. They’ll also review any surrounding buildings and remove webs around the property as they work.

    How To Get Rid of Spiders

    It may surprise you to know that most spider infestations are considered an annoyance, especially when thinking about their webs. However, when there are spiders that pose a bite risk, the situation can become more serious.

    Likewise, in the fall, spiders like black wolf spider will likely enter your home looking for a warm place to spend the winter. While many millions of people genuinely fear spiders and aren’t comfortable with this advice, it is generally best to leave spiders alone when they come into your home.

    Spider Control: Getting Rid of Spiders in the Home

    Vacuum Regularly


    You’ll need to hit all the sheltered spots, including behind and under large furniture, at the back of cupboards, and beneath worktops.

    Fill in Gaps


    You’ll need to fill in any gaps you find in your walls, under doors, or around pipework to keep spiders from entering.

    Deter insects


    Use methods to deter insects that spiders feed on, including alternative lighting that is less appealing.

    Remove sheltering sites


    Any sheltering sites will need to be promptly removed, including firewood piles, compost piles, and any general clutter. Keep boxes off the floor and away from walls and seal them with tape.

    Take care objects


    Examine anything that has been outside, such as packages that were left outside or if you set something down and then carried it inside.

    Remove noticeable webs


    Routinely remove any noticeable webs from around your home.



    Keep crawlspaces and attics well-ventilated to decrease moisture.

    Getting Rid of Spiders Outside

    When you have a spider problem outside and want to keep them from entering your home, keep your shrubs from touching the building.

    Shrubs make an excellent shelter for spiders. However, you should remember that spiders are generally very helpful. So, if there isn’t a large number of them outside, try not to manage them like this. But if you’re specifically concerned about brown recluse spiders, you might want to learn how to get rid of brown recluse spiders safely and effectively.

    Spider Removal Services

    Businesses can be severely impacted by spider infestations that are located in public areas. Since spiders and their webs can frighten potential customers, leading to lost profits.

    But A.N.T. Pest Control spider control specialists are experts in dealing with the spider species common to Illinois. We know which are a risk to your health and which are not. Regardless of the type, we can help you deal with them. We can even offer preventative advice to help you keep them from returning. 

    It’s not recommended that you try to deal with a large infestation on your own like orb weaver and other types of spiders. Hence, professional spider removal services can help you avoid any potential risk of being bitten.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The brown recluse is the most dangerous in the midwest.

    Spider in the house are usually present when there are high levels of spiders in a particular area, there are a few commonalities:

    1. There are other insects (food source).
    2. The exterior may have a lot of trees or landscaping. 
    3. There are dark and undisturbed areas inside the house.  

    The sighting of spiders inside our house usually spikes fear in most people.  Although spiders are capable of causing harm, they are not actively seeking to bite us. Most spider bites are triggered defensively. For example, putting on an old shoe in the garage in which a spider is hiding in. 

    Spiders prefer darkness but will set up webs around exterior light fixtures to catch prey.   

    A.N.T. Pest Control Spider Removal Services Include:

    Reactive Reliable Service


    We’ll ensure prompt and effective treatment of your spider infestation.

    Ant pest control treatment


    We’ll remove webs, use insecticidal treatments, and more.

    A pest control expert


    Our technicians are experienced, trained, and qualified in the field of spiders, including their habits and life cycles.

    Sector-specific expertise


    We offer a comprehensive range of treatments, allowing us to provide the best possible solution for your needs.

    Legislation Expertise


    We comply with all legal, health, and safety requirements.

    Professional Spider Management

    A.N.T. Pest Control will give you absolute peace of mind with a thorough spider inspection and monitoring service. We’ll identify any spider species that may be harmful. 

    If we identify a species that is a problem, we’ll give you all the advice you need on the most suitable treatment solution.

    We have qualified technicians who are seasoned in the spider control field. And they can definitely provide a range of professional services to solve your problem.

    Contact A.N.T. Pest Control, the absolute best pest control company in New Lenox,  by calling 815-215-7211 today, so we can discuss a plan to eliminate your spider problem.


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