For many, the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word pest is rodents, including the need for rodent management and treatment. These small animals can carry diseases and completely destroy your property. Particularly with their sharp incisors, they can easily chew through wood to access your home. In addition, they make a large, unsanitary mess with their droppings. Likewise, they’re known for crawling in filth, picking up parasites and other pests in their fur that can lead to health problems.

Similarly, rodents breed quickly and efficiently. So, as soon as you see one, calling for a professional is essential. Also, if you think you have a potential rodent infestation, call an A.N.T. Pest Control rodent control expert at 815-215-7211 to schedule an appointment and get help regarding the rodent management and treatment you will need. 

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    How To Tell if You Have Rodents

    If you have rodents, one of the first signs you’ll likely see is droppings. Namely, important places to check are pantries, behind garbage cans, and in cupboards. In this case, you may hear them in the walls moving around. So, it’s common to observe mouse, rat, and vole tracks in the dirt around your home. 

    Accordingly, six of the top signs indicating a rodent infestation are the following:

    • Droppings: as mentioned, mice droppings are one of the standard signs of a rodent infestation.

    • Nests: you’ll need to look in sheltered areas where these nests are less likely to be disturbed.
    • Rub marks: rodents are filth carriers and leave dark grease and dirt marks where they frequently travel.

    • Strange noises: rodents are active at night, and you’ll likely hear scratching in the walls.

    • Chew marks: rodents have powerful teeth, allowing them to chew through several types of building materials.

    • Sightings: rodents are rapid breeders, which means when you one, there’s more.

    Certainly, telling the difference between the signs of rats and mice is sometimes subtle but important, and that’s size. Indeed, rats will leave larger droppings, holes, and smudge marks due to their larger size. 

    However, if you’re in doubt, call A.N.T. Pest Control, and we’ll send a specialist to your home to help you find the rodent management and treatment best solution to your rodent problem.

    Rodent Management and Treatment Process

    Our specialists are thoroughly trained to get rid of rodents on your property and will give you the best rodent management and treatment services. Specifically, they’ll start with a complete property inspection to find everywhere the rodents are hiding. We’ll determine if you have mice, rats, or voles and help you find the right treatment options.

    Methods to control and prevent rodent problems:​


    Site inspection as the first step of the rodent management and treatment services

    Using home inspection software we reveal how rodents are entering the structure. 


    An inspection report for preventing pest

    We send a report to you which indicates where to seal gaps, holes, and cracks to prevent pests from entering.


    Setting up an interior bait station

    Tamper-proof stations, used for eliminating interior rodents.


    Cholera- flies disease

    Heavy duty stations used for eliminating exterior rodents while keeping other non-targeted animals safe.

    Rodent Traps, Baits, and Repellants

    The chemical in rodent repellents can be dangerous. While there are many over-the-counter products, they must be placed strategically throughout your property, or you may not see a decrease in rodent activity.

    Bait stations have rodenticides inside them and are frequently used in pest control, including the best food to catch mice. And how well they work depends on where they’re placed. In fact, it doesn’t matter how good the bait station you invest in is, if you don’t place it in exactly the right location, the rodents on your property won’t enter it. But here at A.N.T. Pest Control rodent management and treatment services,  we’re rodent control experts in the precision placement of bait stations and know how to safely and effectively use rodenticides. We keep them out of the reach of pets, children, and animals, domestic and wild. And when treatment is finished, we remove these chemicals completely.

    Indeed, we understand some of our customers may be concerned about rodenticide’s environmental impact. So here’s what you need to know about these and similar chemicals:

    • You do not need to place rodenticides or baits if rodents are not present on your property.
    • We only use rodenticides when we have a solid confirmation of rodent activity
    • We’ll take extra safety measures when rodenticide poses a risk to non-targeted animals.

    Keeping Rodents Away

    One of the best ways to keep your property rodent-free is ensuring your yard is tidy. Follow these tips to keep rodents away from your yard:

    • Keep all outdoor trash and compost covered.
    • Keep your landscape well-manicured.
    • Seal all cracks on your home’s exterior that exceed ¼ inch.
    • Never leave over ripe or rotting produce in your garden.
    • Keep your bird feeder area clean by using a newspaper-lined tray that you swap out every night.
    Some essential ways for a rodent management and treatment service

    Commercial Rodent Control

    We understand that your business is essential to you and a pest control nightmare can be absolutely destructive. That’s why we offer discreet rodent management and treatment services that help you eliminate rodents in your business. We’ll also give you information on how to stop them from returning.

    You’ll get expertly administered chemicals with all the safety considerations. We follow all manufacturers’ specifications to ensure everyone is safe.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A rat will have larger feet, thicker hairless tail, larger droppings & smaller ears for their size.

    Voles will have smaller ears & eyes, stockier body frame and shorter tail.

    Mice are ever present outside.  Some homes can have heavy rodent pressure due to conditions surrounding the house such as a pond, creek, fields, or forest areas. The number one way to attract mice in your house is to have a bird feeder.

    Mice communicate to other mice by the use of pheromones secreted through their urine, skin oils and feces.  Future mice will get the message from the previous mice that there is shelter & food.

    Rodent Control Costs

    The rodent management and treatment service cost depends on each customer’s specific situation. An inspection before quoting allows us to provide the most accurate rat exterminator cost to you. Our rodent control specialist will consider many of the following factors: 

    • Infestation size
    • Property size
    • Type of property (commercial or residential)
    • How many follow-up treatments will be required

    Get Professional Rodent Control Today

    If you think you have rodent activity on your property, don’t wait to contact the professionals at A.N.T. Pest Control. We’ll put a plan in place that gets the infestation under control quickly. Call us today at 815-215-7211 to schedule an appointment for affordable rat exterminator price.


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