A residential pest control plan offers year-round protection from common insects & pests. In particular, quarterly treatment follows 3 exterior foundation treatments & 1 interior treatment during the winter. The goal, in this case, is to be proactive and provide protection before a problem occurs. But, if a pest problem does arise, we will come back out free of charge to eliminate it. Specifically, this pest control plan covers all general pests including ants & spiders. This plan also can be upgraded to include rodent control.

The Truth: To repeat a monthly or quarterly pest service is not for everyone. Some people will not need it. But people who need it usually have conditions beyond their control surrounding their homes. These “conditions” will constantly attract new pests to their home. For this reason, it really depends on your tolerance for pests. Certainly,  some people just hate insects and want repeat service to keep a pest-free environment.

Features & Benefits of A.N.T. Quarterly Pest Service

  • A thorough inspection for a guaranteed residential pest control service

    NO SURPRISES: You will know when we are coming for service.

  • NO CONTRACTS OR CANCELLATION FEE’S : You will not be obliged to sign a contract or any agreement. 
  • PET & CHILD-FRIENDLY APPLICATIONS: We perform applications precisely according to the Environmental Protection Agencies’ labeling.
  • TRANSPARENCY: From the initial conversation, communication leading up to service, service performance, and follow-up will all match our social proof of service excellence. You will see and feel our intentions of actually wanting to help & solve your pest problem.
  • DETECTIVES: We are not one of “those” pest control companies that throw poison everywhere and leave. As a matter of fact, we offer high quality pest control. We are thoroughly inspecting the structure for ways to make it less attractive to pests. Then afterward, make those recommendations to you.
  • LOW VOLUME: We intentionally take on less work to provide our customers with amazing service. Indeed, A.N.T. does not rush through a service so it can meet a financial quota. We always make ourselves available to our customers if they have questions or concerns.

Questions about Monthly or Quarterly Residential Pest Control Service Plan

My last pest control service provider made me sign a contract. I also had to pay an early termination fee when I cancelled their service. Do I have to sign a contract & pay a fee if I decide to cancel your service?

We do not make our customers sign & lock into contracts or make them pay cancellation fees. We have a “service agreement” which explains service frequency and what you can expect from our repeat pest services. There are absolutely no fees for cancelling our service. Certainly, we don’t want you to pay for something if you don’t find value in it.

Service Agreement for a Residential Pest Control Service

How do I know when my house is due for treatment? Do you just show up whenever I am due?

Before we leave the initial visit, we will try to schedule the next 3-4 visits. We will notify you once your home is due for treatment by phone or text message. And once you confirm it is “ok” for us to come, you will then receive an automated message reminder via email & text the day before we visit.

What if I decide to skip a quarter?

We do not trap our customers in a contract and make them pay a fee to cancel. That being said… Pesticides do not last forever, so keeping the preventative barrier active is crucial, especially when NO pests are present. But, if a quarter is skipped, the preventative barrier will wear off, leaving no more protection. If this is the case, we can no longer honor the service agreement. Hence, if a pest problem arises after the “agreement” is broken, the cost of service will reflect the general price pertaining to the issue.

You sprayed outside my home today. How long do I have to wait to let my dog (or children) go into the treated area?

We will text you once we are headed to your home. We will also notify you once we are completed. Particularly, please wait 2 hours from the complete text to let pets & children re-enter the treated area.

Aftermath of treating affected areas that were sprayed

What if I think there is a problem or I see an unusual amount of “live insects” inside my home? Do you come back for free between treatments?

If at any time, you think there is an issue. Please contact us and we will discuss the issue & solution. You will not be charged for us coming back in between treatments.

Do I call you to come back out if I see DEAD insects?

Unfortunately, we do not come back for dead insects. We only exterminate them & make structural recommendations to you… So, if dead insects are found, understand that the preventative service is working.

Should I go with Quarterly or monthly pest service?

We usually recommend starting first with quarterly treatments & see if that works for you. However, we can always increase the frequency if needed. Again, we don’t want to charge you for something that is not needed.

Quarterly or Monthly Residential Plan for Pest Control Service Treatment

Indeed, give us a call today at  (815)215-7211 to see if a residential pest control plan is right for you. We provide pest control services for New Lenox and the surrounding communities.


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