Rats are a nasty pest problem we all detest! As they search for someplace warm to nest and live they create a lot of destruction. The urine and droppings of rats can create breathing issues, particular in small children. In addition, rats can bring other smaller pests indoors, such as mites, ticks, and fleas. 

If you only see one rat, there are likely to be several more hiding somewhere on your property. Like other rodents, rats reproduce rapidly, seeing one can become an issue in no time at all. Rats spread disease and carry bacteria that cause many diseases. For the health and safety of yourself and loved ones, call A.N.T. Pest Control.

If it’s a rat infestation, call A.N.T. Pest Control at 815-215-7211 right away! We have the answers for rat control and can establish ongoing surveillance to avert their return.

How A.N.T. Pest Control does Rat Control?

A.N.T. Pest Control understands this and can work with you to prevent or eliminate a rat infestation. We have been helping homeowners with rat control for several years. Our trained pest control expert will come to your home and find where they are nesting or hiding. Once we locate their harborage areas, we will discuss with you the options for treating them. 

After going over the treatment options with the homeowner, we will set traps or spray poison to eliminate the rats. A.N.T. Pest Control has options for rat control for infections that are indoors or outside. Some of the options we offer include setting traps, tamper-proof poisoning, minor exclusion, and monitoring. 


Control rat services of ANT Pest Control

Although you will be pleased with our service; we cannot guarantee one treatment will solve your rat problem.  Mother Nature can be very tenacious and sometimes will not permit that to happen. 

Rat Control Steps to Exterminate Rats

In order to eliminate rats, we must out think them and play to their senses and survival needs.  Rat control is similar to controlling mice, except more disciplined.  Rats are smarter than mice. We have to lure them to be curious like mice. 

Step 1: Clean-Up

If rats are inside a residential home or commercial structure… They are there for a reason, usually due to cluttered or messy areas allowing them the perfect environment to create harborage.  Take away their hiding spots by tidying up and removing any excessive storage areas.    

Step 2: Remove Food Source

Get rid of all food which is not in the refrigerator.  Take all pantry food, dog food, breads, chips, cereals, etc. and put them in a strong Rubbermaid container.  Do not allow trash to build up inside the house overnight.  Ensure exterior garbage cans are closed shut.

Step 3: Selecting Correct Treatment Method

How do we catch rats?  Glue boards are not the answer to remove rats.  Ultrasonic rodent repeller’s or plug-in devices will not make them pack their bags and run out.  What about poison?  Do not use poison inside a structure for rat control unless it is a “last resort”.  Poison will kill rats.  However, the location of their demise may not be reachable for removal.  No one wants to smell a large decomposing rat behind a wall in their home.

What is the answer to control rats inside a home?  Snap-Traps is the best method to exterminate rats.  We removed the rat attraction in step 1 & 2 which now makes food scarce.   Rats will usually become a bit more curious and take more risks when there is no more food.  Now we proceed with snap traps to eliminate them. 

Step 4: Snap Trap Strategy

Select a professional grade rat trap.  Do not use a mouse trap in attempting to catch rats.  Mouse traps are too small and will usually only injure rats.  If you need a great trap, you could purchase these on amazon https://amzn.to/2VNgAp3 (We are not an affiliate).   

Rat traps are very strong & capable on injuring children, pets and adults!  Keep small children & pets away from traps.  Its best to place traps completely out of reach of children and pets, incase their curiosity is provoked.   

Place snap-traps in high activity areas.  How many snap traps should I use?  It’s always better to have more fire-power, than not enough.  Overestimate the number of rats you think are inside the dwelling. 

Here are the directions for trap placement.

  • Choose among the best food mouse bait for traps. 
  • Bait ½ the traps with peanut butter & ½ with “Slim-Jims” (beef snack)  Do not activate traps yet.
  • Place traps in high activity areas.  The jaws of the snap trap should be facing the wall & as close to the perimeter of wall as possible.
  • Let baited traps sit for 24-48 hours and do not set them.  Counterintuitive to normal thinking…  Rats can be much more shy than mice when relating to snap-traps.
  • Inspect snap traps and see which bait they consumed. 
  • Rebait snap traps with their favored food source from step 4.  Now, activate traps & exterminate them!
  • Check traps every day and dispose of rats.  Re-bait & activate the same traps.  Do this every day until no rats are trapped for a few days.

Step 5: Close Entry Points

Inspect the exterior structure for possible entry points.

When inspecting, know that rats can weezel their way into a crack, crevice or gap about the diameter of a quarter. Document your findings of all possible entry points and seal them up.  It is recommended to seal up after the rats are eliminated.  Sealing up when rats are still present in your home can cause more damage.  The damage is caused when rats try to go back outside.  If we lock them inside the structure by sealing up, they will fight & destroy to get out.

How A.N.T. Pest Control Determines the Cost of Rat Control

After our pest specialist completes a rodent inspection, there are several factors involved in determining the rat control cost .  Before quoting a price, the A.N.T. Pest Control specialist considers the following: 

  • How large is the infestation?
  • Is it residential or commercial property? 
  • How big the property is where the infestation is located. 

The A.N.T. Pest Control specialist that comes out to your home or business wants to help you with rat control. Rats can quickly become a serious problem, not just because they wreak havoc on your property, but also for risks to health and safety. Therefore, our pest specialist will work hard to achieve the ultimate goal. Providing our customers with the peace of mind in knowing their rat issue will be resolved in an affordable rat exterminator price

Cost to get rid of rat infestation

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Setting rat traps and other methods of DIY pest control can be frustrating. Eliminate all that worry and frustration by calling the experts! Call A.N.T. Pest Control today. Learn about our long-term solutions for rat control!  We are the best rat control company that knows how to find them, get rid of them, and keep them from coming back! Contact us today at 815-215-7211 and schedule an appointment for an inspection!


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