If you see an inverted, umbrella-shaped nest being held in place by a single comb, you have paper wasps. Unlike a hornet’s nest, these types of nests expose themselves, rather than being entirely encased. Red and European paper wasps are two of the most common paper wasp species.

Quick Guide

  • Characteristics: ⅝ to 1 inch long with a yellow and black smooth body. Paper wasps also have slender waists and orange-tipped antennae.
  • Nests: They make their nests in or under sheltered areas, often hanging them from twigs, porch ceilings, and other spots. They are exposed, umbrella-shaped paper nests.
  • Risk of Sting: These wasps are generally not aggressive but can sting repeatedly
A closer look on the body structure of a paper wasp

Paper Wasps: Habitat and Nests

These wasps will construct their nests on the branches or trees or shrubs, on porch ceilings, or even in your attic rafters. They are water-resistant and constructed of a material that most resembles brown paper mache. These nests are small and contain less than 100 wasps.

Paper Wasps: Behaviors and Damage

Paper wasps do not cause structural damage. However, because there is a risk of stinging when they feel their nest is threatened, they are a threat to those who are allergic to stings. In addition, they can sting multiple times. And to the question, ” Are paper wasps dangerous?” the answer depends on the severity of the sting.

Paper Wasps - Habitat

Prevention and Control

When you find a wasp nest, you need paper wasp nest removal to treat it as soon as possible. We strongly advise against you removing the nest on your own so that you can avoid the risk of painful wasp stings. Remember, when it comes to paper wasp control,  any provocation of the wasps in the nest could lead to serious injury for you and those around you.

Don’t Risk Getting Stung, Call the Professionals at A.N.T. Pest Control

If you’re unsure what kind of wasps you’re dealing with, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. There’s no point in taking a risk with stinging insects. Contact A.N.T. Pest Control today at (815) 215-7211 to learn more about how we can help you get rid of paper wasps problems.


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