For over a decade, A.N.T. Pest Control has been providing customers with solutions to their mice and rodent problems. We have the solution to get rid of a mouse infestation, as well as prevent further infestations. 

If you see one mouse, don’t delay in making the call. Everyone knows that mice are rapid breeders; therefore, if you see one mouse, it can quickly multiply to several mice in a short time period. Before long you will have mice infesting several areas of your business or home. With so many species of mice, finding their nests can be difficult because they are able to get inside the tiniest areas. If you leave them alone, a small family of mice can quickly reproduce to several families.

If it’s a mouse infestation, call A.N.T. Pest Control at (815) 215-7211 right away! We have the answers to help you get rid of mice and will establish ongoing surveillance to avert their return. 

How does A.N.T. Pest Control Get Rid of Mice?

We have been aiding businesses and homeowners in their fight against mice for many years. Our inspectors will come out to your business or home and find where the mice are nesting. When we find where the mice are hiding, we will set up treatment to get rid of mice  and their nests. 


A.N.T. Pest Control will then review all the options for treating the mouse infestation once we find it. We have options for treating infestations that are both interior and exterior. Options include trapping, tamper proof poisoning, minor exclusion, and monitoring. 

How to get rid of mice


However, due to Mother Nature’s stubborn tenacity, it may take more than one treatment to get rid of mice.

How is the Cost of Mice Control Determined?

Following a rodent inspection, we consider several factors to determine the mice control cost. Just like what we do on determining how much does a rat exterminator cost, the A.N.T. Pest Control specialist will consider the following before quoting a price: 

  • How large is the infestation?
  • Is it residential or commercial property? 
  • How big the property is where the infestation is located. 

The pest control specialist that comes to your home or business will work with you to resolve the issue. We understand that mice are a concern to you because of the risk to health and safety they pose. Therefore, our specialist will work with you to provide you with the peace of mind you desire. 


Contact A.N.T. Pest Control Today

Do-it-yourself pest control can be verifiably stressful, therefore, free yourself of that frustrating work! Call A.N.T. Pest Control today and discover how our long-term solutions for mice control can help you! We are a professional mice exterminator company and know where to find them, and how to get rid of and prevent their return. Contact us today at (815) 215-7211 to schedule an appointment or inspection!


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