Fly Management

Flies are one of the most common pests, including in situations like picnics, where fly control is crucial. They buzz around food, land on plates, and hover around garbage. While they can be fascinating creatures, getting the facts about their abilities and behaviors is essential to fully understand why fly management is crucial. We all know they’re not the most attractive thing around, and they can definitely be quite irritating. However, there’s a bigger concern when flies come into the picture: disease.

Flies can carry diseases that range from merely annoying to absolutely deadly. When you have a fly infestation, it could also indicate another problem attracting them. A.N.T. Pest Control is highly skilled at identifying the source of fly infestations and removing it quickly.

Flies are a problem across Illinois; we have experts ready and able to help rid you of your problem. We can also help you with gnats.

Types of Flies

You might find lots of flies in house suddenly, most of which bring health risks. The most common species include the following:

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    House Flies

    We most commonly encounter house flies or filth flies and might wonder what is the meaning of flies in the house. Accordingly, they get the name filth flies because of their propensity for hovering around and feeding off garbage piles, animal feces, and dead animals. This behavior makes house flies such a danger to your health. When they feed on these filthy things, their legs and feet get covered in bacteria and other dangerous materials. Additionally, when they land on food, they spit saliva to dissolve part of it so they can eat it, which they follow up with defecation.

    A.N.T. Pest Control is well-versed in getting rid of house flies. We’ll look for what’s causing them and why they’re laying their eggs in your home or business. Knock out your fly problem with an inspection and fly treatment.

    If lots of flies in house suddenly, then you have a house fly problem. So, don’t wait. Contact the experts at A.N.T. Pest Control by calling 815-215-7211.

    Fly Control and Prevention

    We have specialists in fly control and prevention who will take an integrated pest management approach toward fly elimination. We can use all the techniques and treatments in the world to eliminate a problem, but if the source of the infestation isn’t removed, it’s not going to matter.

    An A.N.T. Pest Control specialist will find the source of your fly problem. It could be anything from a dumpster too close to the home to an animal that got into the home and died. 

    Regardless of the reason, we’ll find it and remove the eggs and adults. We’ll also remove all breeding areas and seal all access points.

    Fly Diseases

    Small flies in house all of a sudden can cause many illnesses, such as the following:

    Typhoid- a common disease you can get if you did not control fly



    A potentially dangerous and contagious bacterial infection that can lead to severe intestinal inflammation.

    Salmonella- flies disease for being able to control fly



    Flies can transmit this illness by landing on garbage or contaminated food.

    Dysentery- flies disease



    A potentially fatal intestinal infection that may lead to dehydration.


    Cholera - one of the diseases caused by flies if not control



     A potentially fatal bacterial disease that may cause severe intestinal problems.

    Do Flies Bite?

    Some flies bite, and the reason depends on the species. Some will bite for nourishment, while others need to feed to lay eggs.

    • Black Flies: Despite the name, these flies can be black or brown and will bite humans and animals. These bites hurt and can occur on exposed or covered skin. Itching is the most common symptom; however, some people may experience nausea and fever.
    • Deer Flies: The bite of female deer flies causes pain and itchiness. 
    • No-See-Ums: No-see-ums are tiny and can bite exposed or concealed skin. Their bites cause welts or red spots to develop and itch significantly.

    How Long Do Flies Live?

    There are four life stages for lies, consisting of eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. However, a fly’s lifespan will vary, depending on the species and environmental conditions. Here are a few examples:

    • Blow flies: 2 – 8 weeks
    • House flies: generally 15 – 25 days
    • Fruit flies: 40 – 50 days

    A fly’s development will be greatly influenced by humidity and temperature. For example, when they are both higher, an egg has the potential to hatch sooner. The time for a fly to grow from an egg to an adult can take anywhere from 6 to 45 days or more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most house flies gain access to the interior through issues related to windows.

    New flies will continue to show up until the attraction or source is identified and removed.

    Common attractions for house flies are: Letting dog waste build up in lawn & having dirty garbage cans stored in the garage.

    Drain flies will manifest in stagnant drains that accumulate organic matter.

    Experts in Commercial Fly Control

    Flies leave a bad impression, making your commercial property look dirty, not to mention some of them can bite. They can destroy your reputation with their annoying, dirty, disease-carrying traits. With health department regulations, you can be financially ruined. Any time a food establishment breaks these regulations, there is the risk of being shut down. You need to quickly remove your fly problem and keep them from returning.

    Here at A.N.T. Pest Control, we know your reputation is on the line, and we take great pride in providing dependable fly management services. We’ve been providing effective fly control solutions for years.

    Our strategic pest control approach allows us to identify and remove the source of the problem, not just the symptom. We also look for methods of future prevention. Once we rid you of your problem, we focus on how to ensure it stays gone.

    Get Rid of Flies on Your Property

    If you have a fly problem at your home or business, don’t wait to get help. Call your local experts today at A.N.T. Pest Control New Lenox at 815-215-7211 to see how we can help you.


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