You’ve likely seen an earwig at least once in your life, whether it was in your garden or inside your house. They’re easily identifiable based on their creepy appearance. You also shouldn’t find them around your property – any sign of pests could give the impression of a lack of cleanliness you don’t want to deliver. When the presence of earwigs is persistent, you’ll need professional help to address the issue and fully control earwigs. A.N.T. Pest Control, the best pest control company serving New Lenox,  is at your service!

When you contact us about your earwig problem, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection and use the best control method to eradicate these pests. The first step you need to take is to call us at 815-215-7211 or message A.N.T. Facebook page to schedule one of our specialists for earwig control solutions to visit your home and learn more about your specific problem.

Characteristics of the Earwig

The earwig ranks up there as one of the strangest-looking bugs around. And we’ve seen quite a few. Its name alone is an oddity. However, it’s also called the “pincher bug” owing to the fact that it has a pair of pinchers protruding from its hind end. The earwig is long and flat with two sets of wings. Its front wings are short and leathery, meeting in a straight line down its back. Its rear wings fold underneath the front wings and are fan-shaped. It also features threadlike antennae that measure roughly half its body length.


The Pincher Bug

Many refer to these insects as pincher bugs instead of earwigs. You’ve likely noticed the cerci or pinchers if you’ve seen one. They use these cerci to catch prey, such as flies. In addition, cerci are also used in self-defense, to assist with mating, and to help close their wings. 

With European earwigs, the males’ cerci are more curved than females, which feature thinner and straighter cerci. European earwig nymphs have straight cerci.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Earwigs have spread far and wide across the United States. There are now 22 different species of earwigs in this country alone.

    Earwigs aren’t like most other insects – they enjoy the cold and spend the winter outdoors. They pair up in underground cells and burrows during this frigid season. Females will also lay and tend their eggs and nymphs underground.

    Yes, earwigs are fond of  eating things that are already dead. This is especially true of plants and other insects. European earwigs are slightly more refined, enjoying dining on honey from the comb.

    Despite their name, earwigs don’t cause damage to ears or wigs. That is unless you’ve got something dead in either of them. Instead, they target vegetables, ornamental plants, flowers, fruits, and cultivated plants. Red-legged earwigs are known to infest greenhouse vegetable roots, flour mills, breweries, and Irish and sweet potatoes in storage. On the other hand, striped earwigs aren’t known for causing damage to any kind of plant.

    While earwigs are nocturnal creatures, they are attracted to light. European and red-legged earwigs may be brought into a home on an object or enter through a crack.

    How to remove earwigs?

    The good news is earwigs are only generally an occasional invader. But here are few steps you could take to control earwigs: 

    Checking between wooden fence for earwig infestation


    • Apply residual materials around the home or business’s exterior.
    • Address areas of high moisture.
    • Check under stones, between wooden fence boards, in dark areas, and in moist areas of the garden.
    • Remove accumulated leaves and debris.
    • Create an 18-inch vegetation-free zone around the structure’s foundation.
    • Add weather stripping to prevent insect entry.
    Read the label before using the treatment for earwig control


    • Use a vacuum to remove insects.
    • If using pesticides, ensure they are registered for the target and location.
    • Choose from liquid residual baits, pesticides, or dusts.
    • Read the entire label before use.
    • Follow all directions, precautions, and restrictions.

    Excluding Earwigs

    If you have cracks or crevices around your windows, doors, or the base of your foundation, ensure they are properly filled. Additionally, all vents will need tight-fitting insect screens.

    Professional Earwig Extermination

    A.N.T. Pest Control can remove your earwig problem. Contact us today for an earwig control consultation to find out exactly what we can do for you. Let us help you find the solution to your pest problems. Call us at 815-215-7211. We look forward to helping you!


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