A.N.T. Pest Control offer’s personalized commercial services for various settings: Schools, police stations, and fire departments, multi-unit living space, retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, factories, religious institutions & many more.

Buildings for commercial pest control service


We will customize an Integrated Pest Management Plan tailored for your needs and situation. The goal of IPM, is to create a strategy for long-term prevention of pests. Our Integrated pest management programs focuses on pest prevention, pest control, pest monitoring and awareness of structural conditions which may attract pests. Additionally, A.N.T. Pest Control creates personalized IPM plans directly tailored to the business or institution.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Features & Benefits of A.N.T. Commercial Pest Services


    You will know when we are coming for service and get a report of what exactly what was done.


    You will not pay anything if you wish to cancel availing the service. 


    Whether we are servicing a school, fire department, funeral home, assisted living home or restaurant, we perform applications precisely according to the Environmental Protection Agencies labeling. Particularly, we would never put our customers or clients at risk of injury.

Features & Benefits of A.N.T. Commercial Pest Services


    From the initial conversation, communication leading up to service, service performance and follow-up will all match our social proof of service excellence. Thus, you will see and feel our intentions of actually wanting to help and solve your pest problem.


    We are not one of “those” pest control companies that throw poison everywhere and leave. We are thoroughly inspecting the structure for ways to make it less attractive to pests.  And consequently, we make those recommendations to you.


    We intentionally take on less work to provide our customers with an amazing service experience. We treat your home or business with extreme care as if it were our own. Additionally, we always make ourselves available to our customers if they have questions or concerns.

Common Questions about Commercial Pest Control Services

Can we be discrete about the service? I do not want customers finding out we have a pest issue?

We will always schedule service times when no customers are present. This could be early mornings or late evenings. In fact, we put ourselves in our customers shoes… Our service vehicles are “unmarked” and will not draw attention from people or customers passing by. We do not share any pest issues you may have with anyone. Indeed, our pest service is confidential and your privacy is protected with A.N.T. 

How will a customized pest control plan help my business?

Each business or institution will have specific sources & attractions for unwanted pests. These “sources & attractions” will be directly linked to a specific pest(s). So our job is to identify those exact areas & create a preventative blue print. This will include monthly inspections, preventative applications, and sometimes making small modifications to the structure. The idea here, is that every single institution location is different. Moreover, each location environment will present various concerns which will be conducive to pests. However, a typical cookie cutter pest plan will not be effective for every situation.

Features & Benefits of A.N.T. Pest Control Services

We just cancelled our current pest control provider. We kept getting mice & it seems like nothing they did worked. How is A.N.T. going to be different?

Great question… We get this question a lot! First, we need to figure out the “pressure points”. The “pressure points” will indicate key areas outside and where the mice are actually coming from. Next, we will inspect for “entry points” on the exterior of the structure. Likewise, we will make a list of possible ways mice are gaining entry to the interior. Then we need to locate their “food source”. The ”food source” may be inside or outside the structure. Moreover, the more information we can gather about the rodents and their behavior the more effectively we can eliminate them.

From my experience, most pest providers will come out for monthly service and put new bait in the stations and leave. But, sometimes they will just actually scan a barcode located on a rodent station to indicate they showed up for service. That service formula is based on selfish intentions. Meaning they are motivated to meet financial company & individual quotas by rushing through service.

Commercial pest control pressure points

Can we cancel the monthly service if you are not the right fit for our business?

We will never force people into a legal contract for any length of time. There is no fee or penalty if you decide to stop using our pest services. In like manner, our intentions are strictly based on helping our customers gain a pest free environment.

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