Stink Bug Control

Stink Bug Control New Lenox, Illinois - A.N.T. Pest Control
You’ve likely seen the stink bug during the early fall while the weather is still warm. Indeed, its name is ideal for what this insect is famous for. In addition, they’re also called shield bugs because of their strong resemblance to shields. Yet while not harmful to people, they will release a strong smell when…

Earwig Control

Earwig Control New Lenox, Illinois - A.N.T. Pest Control
You’ve likely seen an earwig at least once in your life, whether it was in your garden or inside your house. They’re easily identifiable based on their creepy appearance. You also shouldn’t find them around your property – any sign of pests could give the impression of a lack of cleanliness you don’t want to…

Spider Control

Spider Control Services | A.N.T. Pest Control New Lenox
Spider Management Many people are afraid of spiders, carrying a significant amount of concern about deadly spider species and the ways to control spider. And there’s also a common belief that spiders target people specifically with the intention of biting them.  But the good news is this isn’t actually true. Yet while spider bite hit…

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control Services New Lenox, IL | A.N.T. Pest Control
Cockroaches, the most common pest worldwide with an estimated 4,600 species, necessitate effective cockroach control measures to mitigate their presence. And between 25 and 30 of those species are associated with human habitation. So, whether you’ve ever seen one, they’re literally everywhere. While it can be disturbing enough on how do roaches get in your…

Drain Flies

Drain Flies
Unwanted guests are likely the most pestering experience one can have in their home. Some of those unwelcome pests include fleas, gnats, and fruit flies. There is yet another unwelcome guest, not as familiar as the others, the drain fly.  Drain flies are extremely teeny-tiny. Measuring in at barely an eighth of an inch. Yet,…

Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies Featured Image
There isn’t anything worse  than a bunch of tiny flying pests buzzing around on a summer or early fall evening. The typical pests of concern are mosquitoes when we go outdoors and ants when we come inside. However, there is a pest that is even more pesky than mosquitoes and ants. Those pests are called…

Fungus Gnats

Fungus Gnats Featured Image
Homeowners detest those tiny flies often found inside potting mix, soil, and other planting containers. Those tiny flies are called fungus gnats and are often the source behind a lot of organic decay.  The larvae of fungus gnats feed primarily on organic matter and fungi within the solid. However, they also create havoc in nurseries,…

Fly Control

Fly control Services New Lenox, IL
Fly Management Flies are one of the most common pests, including in situations like picnics, where fly control is crucial. They buzz around food, land on plates, and hover around garbage. While they can be fascinating creatures, getting the facts about their abilities and behaviors is essential to fully understand why fly management is crucial.…

Vole Management Services

Vole management services - Featured Image
Often confused with the mouse, the vole is another small rodent with a small, harmless appearance that needs ample vole management services to control infestations. Despite this innocent look, they can destroy your garden, lawn, and landscape. The primary indicator you have one or more voles in your yard is little trails winding through your…

Rat Control

Rat Control New Lenox, IL - A.N.T. Pest Control
Rats are a nasty pest problem we all detest! As they search for someplace warm to nest and live they create a lot of destruction. The urine and droppings of rats can create breathing issues, particular in small children. In addition, rats can bring other smaller pests indoors, such as mites, ticks, and fleas.  If…
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