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A.N.T. Pest Control provides service for the historic community of Mokena, Illinois. We offer family and pet friendly solutions for common pest problems relating to for mice, spiders, cockroaches, ants, carpenter ants, beetles, gnats, bee’s, wasps, silverfish, boxelder bugs, centipedes, millipedes, house flies, cluster flies, drain flies, fungus flies and fruit flies.

Termite Inspections or Wood Destroying Insect Reports

A.N.T. Pest Control collaborates with local Mokena realtors, mortgage brokers and banks located in Mokena. Our mission is to bring integrity to new real estate transactions by protecting their customer’s. This is achieved by diligently inspecting new homes and structures for termites and other wood destroying insects prior to closing on the real estate transaction. Call the best pest control company and schedule your termite inspection today.

New Home Pest Inspections

Do you need one?

Too many times a new homeowner will purchase a home and find out there are pests occupying the structure. Our inspection service is not the same as a “home inspection”. Pest inspections are directly related to structural deficiencies which attract pests. Our unique service will give you piece of mind by understanding where your new home stands relating to pests. Pest inspections are crucial because they can impact key decisions prior to moving family and personal belongings into the structure.

Mokena Pest Control: Rodent Inspections

In Mokena, numerous residents face frustration every fall and winter season as rodents infiltrate their homes or businesses. Our services specialize in affordable rodent extermination. We conduct thorough inspections to identify and address rodent entry points, providing structural recommendations to prevent both current and future rodent issues.

Mokena rodent pest control inspection

Supporting and Protecting Local Mokena Business’s

A.N.T. Pest Control also provides commercial services to local restaurants, government establishments, schools and religious institutions. We provide monthly and or quarterly Integrated pest management to local businesses to stop pest issues before they begin. Our Integrated pest management programs focus on pest prevention, pest control, pest monitoring and awareness of structural conditions which may attract pests. Call us today to see if we can create a plan which fits your needs.

Mokena Pest Control Testimonial

“THIS COMPANY IS THE BEST… DON’T CHOSE ANY OTHER COMPANY FOR YOUR AND INSECT/PEST NEEDS. Our family is sooooooo happy with the service we received from A.N.T. Pest Control!!! My wife and I bought our first home and we love It. All accept the MICE issue that came along with our new purchase. My Wife and Nieces were terrified to even come down stairs, which made me uncomfortable. I called A.n.t. Pest Control, and he called me back within MINUTES! He was extremely professional, and yet, I could tell right away that he was sympathetic, knowledgeable and eager to help my family get rid of the mice. Because my work schedule is hectic, he came out to my home late at night to start the job. I felt really bad about coming out so late, but he insisted. I was WOWED that I was receiving this kind of service. The BIG NAME COMPANIES would not accommodate my work schedule at all!!! He didn’t just come in and start to work, he explained to me what his plan of attack was before he touched a thing! He surveyed the land, found all evidence of mice droppings, and took his time to find all potential exit and entrances that the mice were using. He set traps/poison, explained the science behind why he was doing what he was doing. I felt knowledgeable and comfortable with his knowledge and expertise. Needless to say. We haven’t seen any mice since he left.. Obviously, A.N.T Pest Control is worth the money. Oh! And his prices were very affordable. We couldn’t be any happier!”

-Hughes Family, Mokena IL.



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