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A.N.T. Pest Control accommodates Lockport, Illinois with local pest control services. We specialize in putting safety first. This means our applications and services will not safe for everyone. We also are not into “quick fixes”… We are extremely thorough & and do what is necessary to solve the pest issue. A.N.T. Pest Control handles all common pest related problems excluding fleas, bedbugs and termites.

New Home Pest Inspections

This is an optional “peace of mind” service which usually occurs before ownership of a new property acquisition. The objective of this inspection is to see if there are any current pest problems and or structural problems attracting pests. Upon completion, a report will be provided regarding our findings. Gaining this knowledge prior to purchasing a home is priceless. This allows the home buyer to solve the pest problem prior to transitioning into the new home. Possibly saving their personal belongings from being contaminated by an infestation of pests.

Lockport Termite Inspections

Are you moving, or purchasing a new home which requires a termite inspection? We will perform the inspection is a timely manner and handle the delivery of report to the necessary parties. The goal is to simplify the process for you during this hectic time of the real-estate transaction. We are constantly working with local Lockport realtors to protect their buyers & sellers in the transaction. Our mission is to bring integrity to new real estate transactions by protecting their customer’s. This is achieved by diligently inspecting new homes and structures for termites and other wood destroying insects prior to closing on the real estate transaction. Call us and schedule your termite inspection today.

Lockport Pest Control: Rodent Inspections

There are many areas in Lockport which will are susceptible to rodent problems. Such as grassy field areas, new construction, and areas containing large amounts of trees.Some residents in Lockport are overwhelmed every fall and winter season due to rodent entry within their home or business. We will come out and inspect the structure for rodent entry points. Then make the structural recommendations to the customer to stop present and future rodent problems.

Lockport rodent pest control inspections

Providing Protection For Local Lockport Business’s

A.N.T. Pest Control also provides commercial services to local restaurants, fire & police departments, government establishments, schools and religious institutions. We provide monthly and or quarterly Integrated pest management to local businesses to stop pest issues before they begin. Our Integrated pest management programs focus on pest prevention, pest control, pest monitoring and awareness of structural conditions which may attract pests. Call us today to see if we can create a plan which meets you needs.

Testimonial From A Local Lockport Resident:

“Unbelievably great service Dave your the type of person I look for when I do any buying or in need of service like this you clearly explained everything in details so impressed thank you so much!!!” (Via-Yelp 2/17/18)

-S.A., Lockport IL.


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