Best Pest Control Joliet Illinois

A.N.T. Pest Control pest control services in Joliet, Illinois. We take pride in providing family and pet safe applications. There are two ways to complete our pest control services in Joliet area.

First, there is a band-aide service approach. The band-aide approach simply means treating the pest problem. The second way is professional A.N.T. service, which is very different. We believe professional pest service focuses on answering the following questions: What is it? Why is it here? How can they be exterminated? How can it be prevented? We are extremely thorough and do what is necessary to solve the pest issue either in your home or businesses around Joliet. Specifically, A.N.T. Pest Control handles all Joliet IL pest control to treat common pest related problems including: 

New Home Pest Inspections – Joliet 

This Joliet Il Pest Control services empowers new homeowners with confidence as they move into their new home in Joliet. This option allows new homeowners to be aware of any pest related issues prior to moving their family and belongings into the structure. If a pest issue is found, it can be treated before the move-in process begins. Our “new home pest inspection” service has saved many of our clients: money, resources, and frustration. We also do termite inspections in Joliet Illinois area. Schedule your new home inspection today!

Best pest control in Joliet

Joliet Termite Inspections

A.N.T. Pest Control provides wood destroying insect reports (termite inspections) to local residents in Joliet. A typical termite inspection will be completed in an hour. Once completed, the report will quickly be sent to the parties needed to push forward the real estate transaction.

Rodent Inspections

Are you sick and tired of paying for monthly rodent service? Some commercial conditions may need monthly rodent service. However, in most cases the problem can be solved by finding the entry points? Save yourself time, aggravation and money… We will find the rodent entry points and lock them out of your home or business.

Joliet best rodent inspection

Providing Protection For Local Joliet Business’s

Any business or public establishment must protect their image. Finding a cockroach in your bag of French fries is never a good experience for a customer. How can employees be productive if they are in an environment conducive to pests? Let us secure your company or business today by choosing our integrated pest management service. This is a monthly service which inspects, monitors, treats and prevents pest problems around your home and businesses around Joliet. We will catch the potential pest problem early before it manifests into an infestation. If a random emergency issue does arise, A.N.T. Pest Control will be there to eliminate it. Call us today to find out if this service is right for you!

Local Google Testimonial From Joliet:

“I was very impressed by Daves expertise. He is efficient and does not charge you for things you don’t need. The first time he came out, he gave us tips and pointers to prevent any new pests. We will definitely be using him again. Thank you again Dave!”

– Coco M, Joliet IL.


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