Unless your name is Walt Disney, and you are the creator of the two most famous mice in the world--Mickey and Minnie--you don't want mice in your home. Mice cause all sorts of problems, from food contamination to disease.

Having mice in your home can cause all kinds of problems. Mice can cause problems such as food contamination to diseases. Everyone who lives in your home is at risk, even your furry kids.

How Much Does a Mice Exterminator Cost?

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The average mice exterminator cost is a little less than $350. The price range for hiring a mouse exterminator is from $246.50 upwards to $432.50. Mice exterminator costs could include consultation, an inspection of the area, setting traps, applying sealant, cleaning up, and follow-up visits.

The national average for a pest control professional to exterminate mice is from $450 to $600. Typically, homeowners spend approximately $525 for the complete mice extermination pricing process. The process includes consultation, setting traps, sealant, and a follow-up appointment.

In addition to the above steps, there are other actions you must take to make sure mice cannot return. These mice exterminator steps can cost as low as $250 or as high as $2,000. Just like the cost of rat extermination, the service payment includes consultation (free), setting traps and sealant, spraying rodenticide, making repairs, cleaning, and following up.

What Can Impact Mice Exterminator Cost

The treatment and price of mice extermination depend on the requirements and severity of the mouse infestation. Here are some typical factors a professional pest control company looks for when quoting a cost for service:

  • Where the infestation is located.

The pest control technician might discover an infestation in an awkward area. Infestations in places like the attic, tight crawl spaces, or drywall will increase extermination costs.

  • How big is your home or office is.

The size of a building is an imperative factor in the cost of extermination; because there are more potential nesting sites. A larger building will require more time to inspect the areas to find all entry points and nests. It will also mean setting extra traps to ensure complete coverage throughout your home or office.

  • The type of treatment your infestation requires.

The recommended extermination treatment depends on the extent of a mouse infestation and the damage incurred. All of this has an impact on how much the job is going to costs. Sometimes, a pest control expert might advise fumigating the building as the best option. If this is the case, you could pay from $1.00 to $3.00 for each square foot requiring fumigation.

  • The number of required follow-up visits.

Some pest control companies offer plans for homeowners that include a set number of visits. Or, the exterminator will advise you to schedule some return visits for additional treatments. These extra visits also determine the overall cost of mouse extermination.

The Size of a Mouse Infestation Affects the Cost of Mice Exterminator 

A big determining factor affecting the cost to remove mice is the number of little critters you have. Otherwise referred to as the size getting rid of mice in an infestation.

  • A small infestation ranges in cost from $225 to $413.50.
  • Mediocre-sized infestations cost about $250 to $500 to exterminate.
  • Larger crowds of mice can cost from $325 to $587.50 to evict from your premises.

What Differentiates the Size of a Mouse Infestation?

Pest control specialists divided mouse infestations into small, medium, and large groups. The first group we will discuss is the small infestation.

A mouse infestation is labeled as small when there are very few mice involved. These infestations are simple to locate mouse control and get rid of. In addition, it is easy to avert these mice from returning.

Next, there are the infestations that are referred to as medium-sized. A mouse infestation that is medium in size has a minimum of one next and is likely a mouse colony.  It can be more of a challenge to remove a medium mouse infestation because more traps and poison are needed.

Lastly, there are the infestations we refer to as large. These are when the fight involves big guns. A large mouse infestation involves several nests and may even be mice inside the home. Some large infestations require the use of rodenticides and even fumigation.

Some Other Things that Can Affect the Cost for Mice Exterminator

The initial inspection done by a pest control company may be complementary or have an average cost of $95. The cost depends on the mice exterminator you call; A.N.T. Pest Control offers a free estimate on services!

A mouse inspection involves searching for opens or cracks around doorways and windows. Also, the inspector will look for nests and signs of rodent droppings. So, the exterminator will give you a written estimate outlining all the costs and treatment prescribed after the inspection.

The Kind of Property Mice Choose to Invade

When trying to get rid of mice, where they are has a big impact on the extermination cost. Some of the common places for a mouse infestation are listed below:

  • Your house

If you require mouse extermination in your house, it is likely going to cost the most. The reason? Because of how rapidly mice reproduce. Thus, if you have one mouse, there are likely to be several throughout the home. What does this mean? Your entire home must be cleared out, cleaned, and repaired.

  • An apartment

Mice reproduce quickly and move rapidly. Therefore, if you live in an apartment complex and your neighbor has mice, chances are, you will too. The costs of mouse extermination are the responsibility of the landlord.

  • Office building or business

It can be extremely expensive and difficult to exterminate a business that mice have infested. Once one of these critters gains entrance inside your business, just as it is with your home, they quickly make themselves at home. They find any place suitable to construct a nest so they can reproduce, which makes the infestation multiply! That one mouse you saw can quickly become a colony and take over the entire place! Challenges a mouse (or mice) creates when they get into a business include: chewing through electrical wires, which can start a fire or create a health issue for customers and employees; this might force a temporary shutdown of the business if it’s bad enough.

  • Motorhomes or other recreation vehicles

Your home away from home makes an ideal place for these critters to nest in. In addition, RVs are susceptible to mice getting inside because they are stored outdoors. On a positive note, it is rather simple to recognize should your RV get an infestation of mice inside. Exterminating them using a DIY snap or live traps should be just as easy.

  • An aging barn or farmhouse

Both of these buildings make an excellent home during the winter that is warm and cozy. This is problematic to the farmer because these mice contaminate the animal food. They will also chew their way through any first aid and safety equipment seeking this food. They build nests inside the farm machinery and reproduce quickly. As the population of mice grows, so does the damage they create, tallying up the costs of fixing it. Electric or snap traps are the best way to exterminate these barn/farmhouse mice. You should avert the use of rodenticides due to potential harm to your animals.

A tip from the professionals: Because rodents transfer diseases, ensure livestock are de-wormed immediately should you suspect an infestation of mice in the barn.

Professional or DIY Pest Control?

Professional or DIY Pest Control Methods for Mice


Some people might be indecisive about hiring an exterminator to remove mice from house. Instead, they opt for a do-it-yourself method of pest control involving the setting and over-seeing mouse traps.

Often this is a more cost-friendly method of dealing with pest issues. However, doing it yourself requires a huge investment of your time to ensure success. So, if you want to really get rid of mice after a mouse invasion, you need to work fast at eradication.

Rodents are known for creating all kinds of health and safety risks. Besides spreading disease, they chew on the electrical wires, which can lead to a house fire. Although doing it yourself might be cheaper, hiring professional exterminators is more effective.

The Mice Exterminator Cost of Doing It Yourself

If do-it-yourself pest control is how you choose to remove mice from your home, you will need to buy some traps. Additionally, you should know how to set up mice traps strategically in all the potential entry points and nesting areas. Below are some of the national average costs of the most popular types of traps used to get rid of mice.

  • Snap traps

This type of trap operates by trapping the mouse with a small pressure plate and steel bar. You can purchase them for an average of $2 to $8 at retail stores.

  • Glue traps

A glue trap has a sticky substance that the mouse walks across and gets stuck. On average, this kind of trap costs $3 -$10.

  • Electronic trap

This trap lures the mouse inside a box and immediately electrocutes it. The retail cost for electronic traps is from $30 - $70.

  • Bait station

This trap is a good way to kill an entire colony/nest. It works by luring the mouse with poisoned bait. Before it dies, the mouse returns to the nest, bringing poisoned food. You can find bait stations at a retail store costing $10-$30.

  • Catch and Release traps

Of all the do-it-yourself antic, this one is the most humane. A catch-and-release trap bait is placed inside to lure the mouse into it; once inside, the mouse is trapped. There are breathing holes to keep it alive and an exit door for you to release it somewhere else. A trap like this costs between $6 to $15 each.

How Location Affects the Cost to Get Rid of Mice

Location is a big determining factor when figuring out the exterminator cost for mice. Whether the infestation is in your business, an apartment, or a home doesn't matter. How easy it is to get at the nest makes the price higher or lower.

An example would be if you have a mouse in the wall versus in the attic. It would be far more costly to pay to get rid of the mice /rodents in the wall.

  • The Attic

One of the least expensive options for extermination is to remove mice from the attic. The reason is easy infestation location, sealing entry points and exits, and traps can be set up rapidly.

  • In the Kitchen

A mouse's favorite room in the house is the kitchen. The primary reason is that this is where all the food is! A snap or live trap is the best method of getting to get rid of mice in the kitchen. Because using rodenticides around food can have a dangerous outcome. Easy access and sealing off entry points are reasons it doesn’t cost much to exterminate kitchen mice.

  • Inside the Walls

A tell-tale sign you have a mouse nesting in the walls is hearing a scratching sound coming from within. Mice or other rodents in the walls are one of the most expensive. The reason? Because it is difficult to set the traps; additionally, removing dead mice means extra costly repairs.

  • In the Garage

The garage is the most expensive of all the places to exterminate mice. The reason why is that mice reproduce rapidly in a garage. Thus much does a mice. You will need to set up many more bait stations and put the best food for mouse trap bait to eradicate the problem.

In addition, matters can become very costly if they somehow get inside your car to build a nest. Getting rid of a mouse inside a car becomes a nightmare for the owner and the cost to exterminate mice.

More Ways of Mouse Pest Control

Mouse fumigation is the most costly way to exterminate mice and is used when an infestation is severe. Mice are fumigated in a similar way to termite fumigation--by placing a big tent over the building while releasing a time-controlled pest killer.

Fumigation adds an extra $550 to $5,000 (depending on the size of the building) to your total bill for mouse extermination.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Mouse Exterminator

Consulting an expert about mice exterminator cost


As a homeowner, one of the worst things to come across is a mouse in the house! They might seem harmless, considering their tiny size and eyes resembling dark buttons. However, harmless is the last word you would use to describe these rodents. They are the very messengers of degeneration and disease.

When is it Necessary to call a Professional?

Mice are small pests that run through the pipes and holes in your house. Wreaking havoc on whatever they come in contact with. It’s likely time to call a professional if you have been fighting an infestation prevent mice for a few weeks.

Although some poisons and over-the-counter rodenticides help with smaller infestations, larger ones require stronger force. Here are some things to consider so you hire the best mouse exterminator for your issue.

The Problems Mice Cause

You can compare living in a mouse infestation to living with a roommate who is dirty and elusive. Yet, mice, moles, rats, and other rodents are pests that create a lot of property damage.

Rodents are pests that chew on everything--from pillowcases to carpets, even books! They mark up your expensive furniture with tiny scratches and contaminate any food that might be left out.

Mice are creatures that leave havoc and destruction in the wake of their existence. Besides causing damage to your home and possessions, they spread diseases like cholera, the Hantavirus, and the plague.

What Diseases Can Mice Spread?

Mice are capable of spreading many diseases that are dangerous to humans through their urine and feces. These diseases include Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Tularemia, Pulmonary Syndrome, Rat-Bite Fever, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic, Tularemia, and Chorio-meningitis.

The chance of one of these diseases increases should you allow the problem to grow! If you have an issue with mice, call an exterminator quickly!

Signs of a Problem with Mice

Mice are not as elusive or sneaky as one might think. Although you might not be able to see them in your home, they leave evidence everywhere. You can even track them as they scurry throughout; you just need to know the signs to look for.

Knowing the signs to look for will help you understand how serious of an issue you have and aid in handling it:

  • The most obvious signs are sightings of mouse droppings or smelling urine.
  • Noticing there are scratch marks on the floorboards and walls.
  • Pipelines will become damaged, as well as sighting chewed books or wires.
  • Food and pet food are contaminated.
  • Hearing them squeaking or scurrying around in the wee hours of the night/morning.

So, what do you do if you recognize any of these signs? You can try to fight the issue using the mentioned DIY methods. Or, you can call a professional extermination service like A.N.T Pest Control.

When it’s time to Call in the Professionals

When you have tried everything and you still have a mouse problem, it’s time to call in a professional pest control service.  A service like A.N.T. Pest Control can offer you the service guarantee of a treatment plan that will remove mice forever!

Mice are capable of getting into some hard-to-reach spots and constructing a breeding site. Before you know it, you have a large issue, and it is out of control. When you call us, we will inspect your entire house, which means crawl spaces, in-between walls, and even the attic.

Questions to Ask a Pest Control Professional

When you call a mouse exterminator, you need to know some of the customers' frequently asked questions. Below are some of those questions:

  • How much does a mouse exterminator cost?
  • Should you call for a mouse exterminator?
  • What should I discuss with my mice exterminator?
  • How to take care of my pets during the treatment?
  • Should I tell my neighbors when I have an extermination treatment?
  • What should I do when the exterminator is done?
  • How much does the exterminator service cost?

How to Find the Best Mouse Exterminators

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When searching for the best mice exterminators, you should call a minimum of three pest control companies for an estimate. Sometimes a quote is not possible over the phone. A technician needs to see the severity of the rodent infestation.

A.N.T. Pest Control should be one of the companies on your list to call. We offer free consultation and will send out a technician to inspect the area and set up a treatment plan customized to your issue.

How Much for a Mouse Extermination Service?

When you have all the signs of an invasion of mice, you need to know the average cost of mouse removal. Sometimes DIY mice extermination is not enough. The average mice extermination cost that pest control companies will quote you is from $400 to $900 a year. This is about $30 to $90 per month.

What about DIY Mice Extermination Cost?

Doing it yourself is always the cheapest average cost for most projects. However, when you factor in all that is involved--snap traps and other mouse traps-- then dead mouse removal, it doesn't add up.

When you do it yourself, you can expect to pay less money for mouse extermination, and the issue might not be resolved. Hiring services for professional mouse control is the answer.

DIY may seem cheaper, but when you need efficient mouse extermination, you need the best exterminator! Weighing the differences between DIY vs. hiring a professional or service most always tips the scale towards professional extermination services.

How Much do the Products and Services Cost?

When looking for a way to be rid of mice, some of the products and services you need to expect to pay for are bait stations and snap mouse traps. For effective mouse removal, expect to pay an average cost of $80 to $120 per visit. For large infestations, extermination will vary depending on what is discovered at the initial visit.

Pest control services will tell you what you can expect to pay for their services first. Mice extermination and rat exterminator price includes setting mouse traps for both mice and rats. After the initial visit, you will know the exterminator cost for mice.

What are the Best Mouse Traps for Removing Mice?

If you want to know how to remove mice and rats, there are several methods. You can use snap traps for rodent control if you have one or two mice. You simply place the bait on the plate of the trap, and a metal bar traps the mouse.

The jaw traps are another mouse extermination device; however dangerous if you have children and pets.

What about Humane Traps?

Speaking of children and pets, you are probably hesitant about using poisons for mouse and rodent control too. In this case, there are catch-and-release live traps for small rodent and mouse infestations.

You just need to place bait stations and the live traps in the location of the mouse. The bait will lure the mouse, trapping it until you can take it out of your zip code to release.

What Health Risks Do Mice Pose?

A mouse or rodent problem can pose many health risks to your family and pets. To prevent these risks from escalating, you need to call a professional pest control service within your zip code.

Health risks of mice


Are There Other Risks of Having a Mouse Problem?

Another problem mice create is they chew on everything! This includes the electrical wiring inside your home. Often a mouse chewing through electrical wiring is the reason behind many tragic house fires.

Protect your Family

When you call professional exterminators, you protect your entire family from the health and other risks rodents cause. After calling several pest control companies, you will discover that A.N.T. Pest Control offers the fairest of mouse removal and mice exterminator cost.

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