The American cockroach Periplaneta americana, as an adult, gets over 3 inches (50 mm) in length.  They are reddish-brown as adults, with a yellow band outlining the head.  So if you have ever had American cockroaches infestations, you know that they are difficult to get rid of.  American cockroaches are very sturdy and can survive in as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit!

What do American cockroaches look like?

A closer look on what an American cockroach look like

American cockroaches are reddish-brown with a band around the pronotum’s edge that is yellow or pale brown. At the same time, the female American cockroach has smaller wings than the males. But both have slim cerci joined at the abdomen tip.

Does the American cockroach infest homes?

These insects are called American cockroaches and get inside a home in search of food and moisture. They are filthy pests that get onto food and food surfaces. But how do roaches get inside your house? It is found simple for them to get beneath doors with damaged weather stripping. Another common way inside is through a garage or basement window.

What are American cockroaches attracted to?

American cockroaches are attracted to any form of potential sustenance.  Similar to what attracts oriental cockroaches, American cockroaches prefer sweets, beer, bread, cheese, starch, fruit, hair, glue, and even book bindings.  This pest can be found behind air ducts, in small cracks, or in drains.

Do dead American cockroaches attract more roaches?

A cockroach is a pest that emits an odor called oleic acid as it dies. This scent leads other cockroaches to them so they can be found.  This pungent odor can be detected from afar by other cockroaches.  When there is no other food to be found, a deceased comrade may become dinner.

How to get rid of American Cockroaches?

The first thing to consider as a treatment for eliminating American cockroaches is to take some procedures in exclusion and sanitation.  You must exclude or eliminate any sources of attraction and moisture they might be attracted to. This puts pressure on their population, giving you better results with pest control attempts.

Are cockroaches a signal of filth?

In the United States, cockroaches are the most common insect.  It doesn’t mean your home is filthy if you have roaches inside it. Additionally, you need to learn how to avoid roaches when moving. These cockroaches might find their way from the outside to get inside a home, even if it is clean. And all a cockroach needs to thrive is an environment with adequate water and food sources.

What is on the American cockroach's diet?

The diet of an American cockroach

The American cockroach is a scavenger. American cockroaches consume anything from sweets to decaying organic matter. American cockroaches can live for many days without food.  However, if the pest is deprived of food but still has water, it may live for several months. Yet, if food is dry, they will die quickly.

How do you know if you have an American cockroach infestation?

If you find one American cockroach, it is certain there are more. American cockroaches know the best places to hide, such as behind the darkest areas in your home. Seeing one could be a sign of an American cockroach infestation, but you won’t know until you do an inspection.

Where to look for roaches?

The best places to start looking for American roaches are areas with lots of moisture.  American roaches are known to hide out in cracks and crevices. You may often find them in attics or basements.  They crawl through decaying matter and are even found in sewers.

Ensure to clean up all food droppings in your home. If you do not, then the American cockroach will have a feast!

Signs of an infestation

There are certain things you need to check for when looking for an American cockroach infestation. Check out dark areas of the home. People with sensitive noses may smell a pungent or putrid odor from within. Another sign of an American roach problem is a musty smell emitting from certain areas of your home.

Another sign of an infestation is if you find a roach egg case hiding in the corner of a dark area.  It is common for some American roach species to leave their empty egg capsules behind. In contrast, other American pests bring them along.  You may find egg or egg cases hidden under a couch, table, or in crawl spaces.

What is the biggest cockroach in the world?

The Megaloblatta cockroach is the largest in the world and belongs to the Ectobiidae genus of roaches. The Megaloblatta longipennis grows up to 3.8 inches long and has a 7.9 inches long wingspan.

Is it a WaterBug or a Cockroach?

Another cockroach common to the southern United States has been dubbed the name “palmetto bug.”  These bugs are also known as the water bug or “Croton bug.”  People often confuse these medium-large size pests, even calling them beetles.

WaterBug vs. the cockroach

The palmetto bug is actually another name for the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana).  Dark-brown or reddish brown in color, the American cockroach adult is large with wings. Their prothorax has a creamy coloring and dark distinguished marks simulating sunglasses.

Wood Roach vs Cockroach

Wood roaches are less likely to infest indoor spaces and prefer outdoor habitats. But identifying differences in their behavior and appearance can help determine the species.

What habitat do these pests prefer?

Habitat of American cockroach

The American cockroaches prefer conditions that are damp.  One might see them in decaying matter or sewage, in mulches and wood piles.  These roaches tend to fly toward lights. When homeowners are confronted by these large, flying roaches, it can be very agitating, particularly during the evening hours when these pests fly close to the face.

How do you know if it is a Waterbug?

Of all the cockroaches, American ones often are confused with water bugs. However, a real one is an insect restricted to the Hemiptera order of aquatic bugs. These insects are called aquatic scorpions and boatmen and live primarily aquatic. They have paddle-like legs that propel them through the waves. They are part of the Gerridae family and include pond skaters, water spiders, and striders.  These bugs use the surface tension to remain afloat instead of employing their legs as oars.

How to tell if it is a Waterbug or an Oriental cockroach?

The Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis) is another example of an insect confused to be an aquatic pest. This cockroach, contrary to its moniker, is actually a natural inhabitant of Africa. The Oriental cockroach is dark brown or shiny black. They are found in areas lower than the ground level-- basements or wherever it is damp. Adult roaches show up during the warmer seasons. While Oriental cockroaches have cycles developed seasonally.

Do cockroaches spread disease?

The American cockroach is a very adaptable pest.  However, unlike real waterbugs, they are not aquatic. Gathering in areas mostly moist and warm, often finding their way into sewer connections. Typically nocturnal, they prefer to find crevices to hide in during the day. Cockroaches also pick up germs that spread disease. They may also trigger chronic conditions like asthma or create allergic reactions.

How can you get rid of Oriental Cockroaches?

Oriental cockroaches are capable of transmitting toxins which result in food poisoning and diarrhea. They are attracted to sources of sustenance indoors. Their legs and bodies are made to travel short distances rather quickly. To help you get rid of or control them, you need a solution that is science-based.

What attracts Oriental roaches?

You might wonder why do I have cockroaches in my house, but Oriental cockroaches come inside a home for the same reasons others do, in search of food and sustenance. They prefer places that are damp. Floor drains and basements and anywhere else nutrition can be found. When outdoors, they like crawlspaces, retaining walls, yards, and foundations. They can also be discovered feeding on decaying matter and other filth. They will thrive inside on the droppings we leave on countertops and floors.

Cockroach Control: How to get rid of American cockroaches?

Getting rid of American cockroach

The first thing to consider as a treatment for eliminating American cockroaches is to take some procedures in exclusion and sanitation.  You must exclude or eliminate any sources of attraction and moisture they might be attracted to. This puts pressure on their population, giving you better results with pest control attempts.

Do home repairs and sanitize

Besides eliminating sources, you need to do some repairs around your home to keep roaches out and learn how to make sure cockroaches don't move with you.  Here are some simple things you can do to aid in controlling bugs:

  • Start by caulking points of entry at ground levels
  • Rake or sweep away leaves rotting in gutters and window wells
  • Block any leaks, remove overflow and drains near buildings, and cap off taps.
  • Keep firewood as far from the house as possible.
  • Get rid of papers and old boxes
  • Remove places that provide a moist environment, such as trash cans
  • Do not allow pet food dishes to sit out overnight
  • Keep moist areas well ventilated

Time to call a professional

Once you have tried home repairs and treatment techniques for elimination, it’s time to call a professional company for help.  That company should be A.N.T. Pest Control.  These pest control experts have the knowledge and expertise to get rid of all American cockroaches effectively and safely.

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