Materials Needed in Making Fruit Fly Trap

1. apple cider vinegar
2. plastic wrap
3. glass, mug, or bowl
4. fork

Materials Needed in Making Fruit Fly Trap

Steps in Making a Fruit Fly Trap

  • Fill glass with apple cider vinegar (only need to fill cup 25%)
  • Cover with plastic wrap…
  • Poke holes with a fork into plastic wrap…

The fruit flies will be attracted to the scent of the apple cider vinegar and enter the holes. The plastic wrap will trap them inside the cup. Be sure to poke small holes into the plastic wrap with the fork. If they are escaping, the holes are too large. The fruit fly trap is not solving the "source of issue" which attracts flies in your house. However, it is a great natural technique for population control of Fruit Flies. You may need to empty cup and rebuild trap every few days until they are gone.

How Do Fruit Flies Get In Our Home?

How Do Fruit Flies Get In Our Home

These tiny pests are able to crawl through and around window screens. Once they catch an attractive scent, they will gravitate towards the prime location. Fruit flies also get into our home by the produce we bring home from the grocery store. Once inside our home, they can reproduce quickly and become a huge nuisance.

What Are Fruit Flies Attracted To?

  • Moisture
  • Garbage
  • Decaying fruit and vegetables
  • Organic matter in drains

How To Put An End To Fruit Flies?

To resolve the problem completely, you must examine the environment of your kitchen or infested area.  To completely eliminate fruit flies...

  • Remove all produce off kitchen counter tops.
  • Clean drain(s) where activity is seen.  You will need to remove all organic matter out of drains.
  • Keep kitchen clean


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