Can Earwigs bite? Do Earwigs crawl into our ears while we sleep? Will they damage our home? Do they fly? How do you get rid of them? These are all great questions... We will answer all these questions and more relating to this intimidating looking pest.

Identification: Earwigs

  • Scientific Name: Forficula auraricularia
  • Size: 5-25 mm in length
  • Color: Light brown to dark brown
  • Distinct Feature: Forceps on rear end (pincers)

Earwig Behavior

Earwigs inside our home- This aggressive looking pest is most active at night. When Earwigs are in a home, they are usually harboring in moist areas. Most commonly witnessed in basements, lower level bathrooms, crawlspaces and water damaged windows and doors. Occasionally we will see them run across a rooms in other areas. Earwigs do not damage the structure of the home.

When outside, Earwigs could be found under leaves, rocks, debris, flower pots, mulch and boards. Any moist area will be an attraction for them. Some are attracted to lighting & may even fly (not all species fly).

What do Earwigs eat? It fluctuates from species, but their diet can consist of plants, insects and dead animals. For more info on this nuisance check out this great article from Iowa State University.

Can Earwigs Bite? Are they Dangerous?

It was once thought… Earwigs crawl into our ears, while we sleep.  This is only a myth and is not true.  Earwigs will run away, once their shelter is removed.  They can bite us with their forceps, if they are in defense mode.  The pinch is said to be painful but no venom or poison is transferred to humans.  That being said, they are not actively looking to attack us.

How Do You Get Rid Of Earwigs?

Step 1- Remove the moisture attraction from inside your home. Our "Silverfish" article, goes over how to remove moisture. Basically, you will need test and measure the humidity levels in each room. Then install a dehumidifier in the rooms with high moisture levels.

Step 2- Eliminate harborage areas surrounding the exterior of your home. Remove all debris, flower pots, boards and firewood from the ground.

Step 3- Seal-up: Concrete foundation cracks, around doors and windows, pipes & wiring entering the home.

Step 4- Pesticide: Apply a residual pesticide to foundation and flower bed to eliminate and control the population. If you need any assistance with "Earwig Control" give A.N.T. Pest Control a call.

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