After a busy day of work and shopping, you come home exhausted. Upon opening the door, you detect a repulsive odor. Right away, you think about what you might have thrown away in the trash earlier that day. At the trash can, you take a second sniff and recognize it isn't coming from the trash container.

The odor you are smelling smells like something has died. But where is it coming from? You remember seeing a mouse in the yard the other day, and suddenly, you wonder, what does a dead mouse smell like?

It can be harmful to the health of everyone to have a decomposing rodent body somewhere in your home. It can emit airborne agents into our lungs, viruses, and bacteria.

What are the Signs of a Dead Mouse?

Smelling a rancid odor is a sign of a dead mouse around

If you suspect a dead mouse somewhere inside your home, be aware of signs to look for. The most obvious sign is that rancid odor emits from one area of the house. Doing an inspection might require you to get down on your knees.

Usually, the source of the smell is under the floorboards or in the walls, making it difficult to retrieve the dead mouse. Yet, the source could also be in the vents above.

When you smell a scent similar to rotten cabbage, it could be the scent of a dead mouse or, worse, dead mice!

What Does Dead Mouse Smell Like?

No one wants to smell the unpleasant odor of a dead mouse inside their home. Getting rid of that dead mouse smell can be difficult once it gets inside your home. Over time, the smell can become more pungent, which can be very frustrating to the homeowner.

The odor of a dead mouse can last for nearly two weeks. Therefore, knowing the cause of this smell in your home is imperative. Is a dead mouse trapped inside a house's walls or air ducts?

When you recognize a decomposing mouse's strong, foul odor, you want to get rid of mice in home immediately. Although, it can be difficult to locate the exact place the bad smell is coming from.

Getting Rid of Dead Mouse Smell

Once you have discovered where the dead mouse smell is coming from, you want to get rid of the smell. You are probably wondering, how do you get rid of the dead mouse smell? We have put together several tips to eliminate this awful stench from your home.

  • Use some kitchen supplies to get rid of the smell

You have several items right in your kitchen that are excellent for removing bad odors. The first is baking soda and water. Make a simple concoction of these two ingredients and put them inside a spray bottle. Spray the solution in all the places where a dead rodent has been discovered.

A bottle of baking soda as one way to get rid of dead mouse smell

  • Eliminating the bad smell

Another household ingredient to use to eliminate the smell of a dead rodent is vinegar. Vinegar behaves as a natural deodorizer and absorbs the dead mouse smell. All you need to do is place a number of containers filled with vinegar in different areas around the house. Although vinegar will clear the air and give it a refreshing scent, it attracts a new pest--gnats!

  • How to neutralize dead mouse odor

One more way to get rid of the dead mouse smell is by using charcoal briquettes. Charcoal is useful in absorbing moisture and removing repulsive odors from your home. Place several briquettes into a bowl and set it in all areas where you have seen a dead mouse.

Besides charcoal, plain coffee grounds are another option for absorbing the smell of dead mice.

Removing a Dead Animal from the Air Ducts

A pest control expert removing a dead animal from the air ducts


Having a professional company regularly clean the air ducts in your home is the best way to ensure there is no dead animal. A home's air duct is often the place to look when suspecting a mice infestation.

Removing deceased mice from a home's air duct system is essential in home maintenance and pest control.

The Unpleasantness of an Infestation of Mice

An infestation of mice can create unpleasant odors throughout your home. The most lasting stench of all is the one left behind when they begin decomposing. If it is not dealt with right away, that stench can permanently saturate a home.

You might recognize tiny paw prints along the edges or trimmings of a wall in a room in your house. Seeing this points to the conclusion you have an infestation of these pests.

Disinfect all Places Mice Have Been

The most effective way to eradicate the smell of a deceased rodent is to remove its corpse and disinfect the areas where it is nested. In addition, you should disinfect the air out of your house with fans and deodorizers.

How to Disinfect an Area

Once you locate the carcass of the rodents and anything deceased rodents leave behind, such as droppings and streaks, disinfect the area in the following manner:

Make a solution containing 90% water and 10% bleach. Ensure you are wearing clothing that is expendable. Next, find a pair of rubber gloves and a face mask to protect your hands and face.

Bleach, water, and protection gear to disinfect areas

Getting rid of a smell that lingers

As you are disinfecting the area with bleach and water solution, ensure to scrub, wipe, and mop every wall. In addition, you should clean and wash all surfaces made from fabric in your home. The fabric on curtains, rugs, and furniture retains odors easily. Therefore, the decay and smell may linger on the wall or fabric when the rodent dies.

How to Dispose of Deceased Rodents

The process involved the disposal of a rotten body and carcass of a deceased rat or mouse. If the rodents have found a space within the walls where there is little space, gaining access could be difficult., specially in cases of rats in wall cavities. You need to wear gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from the rancid, foul smell of the rat. You will need two plastic food bags to dispose of a deceased rat. Fill one of the food bags with the solution and the rat's body.

How to get rid of Dead Mouse Smell

A pest control expert getting rid of the dead mouse smell

When an animal like a mouse dies, the scent of the mouse may linger in your house for a long time. After disposing of the decomposed rodents in your house, you sterilize and apply a deodorizer to the area.

The best way to get rid of dead mouse smells is to avoid having dead mice in the first place. You can do this by calling a professional pest control service like A.N.T. Pest Control to inspect all possible entry points.

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