When catching mice with snap traps… There are a few types of bait professionals will use to catch mice and its usually not cheese. 

#1 Peanut Butter:  The
“go to” bait for snap traps is peanut butter. 
When in the wild, mice love to eat seeds and nuts.  The smell of peanut butter alone is hard to resist
for most rodents.  Only a small amount is
should be placed on trap.

#2 Slim Jim’s:  “Snap Into A Slim Jim!”  Maybe that’s what Macho Man was referring to.   When peanut butter does not catch them.  Some mice will desire a meaty bait alternative to peanut butter.  Be sure to use only small pieces on trap.     

#3 Cotton balls:  When peanut butter and Slim Jim’s do not work… Try catching mice with cotton balls.  Why do mice want a cotton ball you may ask?  Mice have 3 instinctual survival needs which must me met. Which consist of food, shelter and water. A mouse will see cotton as a resource for building shelter. If food is already plentiful in their environment, they may not go after bait on a snap trap containing a food source.

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Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance catching mice. A.N.T. Pest Control specializes in rodent control services. We will inspect your structure for entry points, make structural recommendations and eliminate rodents. Our technician’s will walk you through the whole process to becoming mouse free. We serve New Lenox and the surrounding communities. Call us today at (815)215-7211!

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