Think of your car as an extension of your home. If cockroach infestation in house is a reality, then there shouldn't be any surprise if they make their way to your car.

Many people think an old car is more likely to have a roach problem. However, brand-new cars have even encountered a roach infestation.

Imagine driving in your car on a hot day. You go to turn on the A/C, only to witness roaches and tiny insects blowing out of the vent. Do roaches like cold? Sounds horrifying, doesn't it? It's not uncommon to have a roach problem in cars, but it does happen.

Without roaches, we would live in a very different and much dirtier world. We are about to discover the reason these pests invade our cars; and what can be done about it.

How Did a Roach Get in My Car?

A cockroach infestation can start inside your car through an open window, particularly in cases of flying cockroaches. But how do you get roaches in your car in the first place?

Leaving your car parked in one area with the windows down for a long time is an open invitation to a cockroach infestation. Always keep the windows rolled up when parking your car.

Remove as much clutter and eliminate things like paper and cardboard. Cockroaches will even eat the car owner's manual. They eat any specks of dirt left on the carpet.

But can roaches live in a clean house too? If they can infest even clean homes, then more of your dirty car. Thus, clean your car thoroughly and do so often.

  • They are looking for a place to lay eggs.

Cockroaches go inside cars for the same reasons they go inside a home: to find food, shelter, and a place to lay eggs.

  • Roaches are seeking shelter inside your car.

Roaches are continuously on the lookout for suitable shelter from the freezing cold or extreme heat. They often seek shelter, along with other pests, inside your car.

Cockroach infestation in a car

Common Ways Roaches Get Inside Cars

Your car isn't going to be a sanctuary from roaches if you are unknowingly bringing them in. They'll notice the interior, crawl out of your stuff, and locate the nooks or crannies in your nice leather seats.

You might also wonder how do roaches get in your house, but regardless of how they enter your home, once they're inside, the more it's easier for them to transfer to your car.

A sign of live roaches in your car is their roach droppings. You will likely be able to smell the unique and unpleasant odor roach droppings emit.

Check the glove box or compartment where you store cups and trash. Also, check the car flooring, even the folds of the back seat and the side panels.

Have Cockroaches In Your Car?

For a number of reasons, car door panels provide an ideal home for pests. They shield roaches from the elements and provide ample space to lay eggs.

But how do you get cockroaches? People frequently leave food bags and other trash in the pockets of car panels. Making this an ideal food source for roaches.

Kick Them Out Of Your Ride

The most effective way to eliminate roaches in your car is to involve the use of mechanical and sanitation control measures.

Using a portable vacuum to remove the roaches you see also keeps the car's interior clean. Vacuuming is very important since the vacuum removes not only cockroaches but also food crumbs.

How To Get Roaches Out of Car Interiors with the “Special Ops” Approach

You might even have storage space or a spare tire compartment in the trunk that is harboring them in numbers.

To get rid of roaches in your car, you must first find where they are hiding. You need to search all areas of your car for a roach infestation. The tire-changing tool compartments, pockets in car doors, air conditioning vents, and glove compartment. Even that fast-food bag that is now a garbage receptacle wedged between the seats.

Now that you've raided the roaches' potential hideouts, it's time to target those areas and learn how to get rid of roaches in your car.

Open Windows is Inviting

Cockroaches can transmit more than 30 different types of bacteria, which can have serious health consequences.

While these cockroaches are invading your space, they're leaving behind feces, regurgitated bodily fluids, and cast skins. The small space in your car can become a breeding ground for cockroaches.

Sometimes you might see a cockroach and decide that you just need to clean your car. Yet cockroaches can burrow into the smallest places you can overlook while cleaning. They'll reproduce under your seat, in the car frame, in the speakers, and in other small areas.

Open windows invites roaches in the car

Special Ops 2. How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Car by Hitting Target Areas Hard

That's right – the single roach that scuttled across your car interior dashboard has probably brought a few buddies along for the ride. So, how likely is it to bring roaches when you move? How can you eliminate these pesky creatures and ensure your car isn't colonized by an expanding group of cockroaches?

You'll be pleased to hear that eliminating roaches with the right tools and know-how is relatively straightforward.

Best Roach Killer For Cars

Glue traps provide easier cleanup, as cockroaches die on them. Therefore, you don't have to worry about them dying somewhere in your car for you to find later.

Bait stations are a little more efficient to use for trapping and killing roaches in cars. They will eat the poisoned bait, then return to the nest.

From there, other cockroaches including American cockroaches, make a meal of the dead roach and become poisoned themselves.

How to Use Bait Stations to Get Rid of Roaches Infestation in the Car

At the first sign of a cockroach infestation, you must clean your vehicle. And set out bait stations as soon as possible. You don't want to reach over for a fry while driving and grab a cockroach instead!

Utilizing bait traps is highly efficient because roaches eat the poisoned bait, and then go back to their nest to die.

  • Follow all manufacturer instructions when using bait stations.

Be sure to follow the directions on the product's label to ensure the safety of children and pets. Also, remove the bait stations when the problem is solved. Ensure you are not introducing dead insects into your car by transporting cockroach-infested items.

  • Many styles of bait stations are available.

Products are available in many styles, including bait stations shaped like a tube and a simple gel that can be applied anywhere. The gel bait consists of two things, similar to how borax and baking soda methods work.

  • Remove the floor mats.

You need to clean your car thoroughly and do so often. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean under the mats and seat covers and the area underneath before putting them back. If you can, leave them out until the problem is solved. The fewer places roaches have to hide potentially, the easier it will be to get rid of them inside your car.

Floormat of the car

  • Using an IGR to get rid of roaches in your car.

A suggested second step for a real bad infestation is the application of an insect growth regulator or IGR. An IGR not only attacks any surviving cockroach nymphs following a round of baiting but also stimulates the entire colony to eat more bait. Pairing IGR with bait, you can completely eliminate even the worst car cockroach infestation.

  • Keep your car clean.

A messy or dirty car with lots of garbage, dirt, or other organic matter is the ideal place for roaches to hide potentially. It also becomes a breeding ground for them to reproduce.

While insects are not drawn to exterior dirt, keeping the exterior clean will deter roaches from entering your car.

  • Use a vacuum to remove any food crumbs.

Vacuuming is very important since the vacuum not only removes dead cockroaches but also food crumbs, etc., providing cockroaches with a good food source. Avoid eating in the car and ask others not to do it.

What is the best thing to kill roaches in your car?

Once you've thoroughly cleaned your car's interior, it's time to set out some roach traps. Cockroach traps can be bought in any hardware store and most grocery stores. There are two types; glue traps and baiting traps.

Even if your car is sparkling clean, a dirty garage is attractive to all types of pests, including rats, mice, and cockroaches.

The Alternative Approach: How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in a Car Naturally

Using a portable vacuum will remove any roaches you see and keep your car's interior clean. Vacuuming is imperative since it removes not only cockroaches but also food crumbs, providing a source of food.

It is imperative to vacuum all crevices and gaps thoroughly and under car seats. In addition, don't forget to wipe clean any spills or liquids on the car seats or floor.

  • Keeping clutter and debris away

To make sure cockroaches don't seek out your car in the future, keep it free of debris, remove food crumbs, and keep your windows rolled up.

Make sure to check for dead cockroaches, tiny bugs, foul odors, and fecal matter that resembles coffee grounds.

  • Remove food and other items

In cleaning your automobile, you must get rid of any food scraps, hair, and other organic debris. A necessary step is imperative for the removal of all microscopic food sources. These might not be visible to the naked eye, but they are still attractive to bugs, in particular roaches.

It's not just cockroaches that can get into your car; other bugs, such as ants, spiders, carpet beetles, and even bed bugs, can make your car their new home.

Foods in the car

How to Kill Cockroaches in a Car Minus the Useless Bug Bomb

Upon discovering a roach in your car, the first instinct is to grab a bug bomb and set it off. Don't do this! Bug bombs do not work against roaches, especially inside your car. Instead, opt for a spray or bait.

  • A Bug bomb is not always the answer

Bug bombing a car or home to take care of a severe infestation of cockroaches is never a good idea. For one thing, many bug bombs include colored chemicals that can cause discoloration to your upholstery.

Most of the ingredients found in gel baits are food-based. IGR formulas aren't dangerous for pets and children. When borax and diatomaceous earth are used in slight, recommended quantities, they don't present any harm.

  • Chemical Poisons, Borax, and Boric Acid

Steam cleaning is the most effective method for removing bacteria, dirt, and dead bugs from the interior of an infested car. If you've used poisons to kill these bugs, a crucial step is to get rid of as much residue as possible.

You should spray poisons in the crevices and corners of your car with all the doors open. Ensure also to spray the seats.

Understand How Roaches Get Inside Your Car

Do you understand where cockroaches hide inside your car? How do roaches get inside? The key to eliminating roaches from your car is locating their hiding places.

The best place for bugs, especially cockroaches, to hide in a car is inside and underneath the seats. These places are where food falls and gathers.

Call the Professionals to Eliminate a Roach Problem in Your Car's Interior

If you have discovered severe roach infestations or other insects inside your car, call the professionals. A.N.T. Pest Control knows how to kill roaches and other pests. Call us today for a free estimate and learn how we can prevent cockroaches from future infestations!

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