You are likely to come across a variety of wasp species during the summertime and would consider asking for the help of an exterminator to get rid of wasps. Seeing one or two bees or wasps in your garden is no big deal. However, the concern begins when you come across this nuisance more frequently.

If you find a wasp nest near your home or business, you'll surely want to get rid of wasps from an exterminator or extermination technician for wasp control. Take the call before any of your family members or pets are harmed.

Commonly Found Wasps In The United States

There are thousands of wasp species in the wild. Many of these species prefer human colonies and structures to build their nest. Some commonly found wasps in the United States are yellow jackets, paper wasps, mud daubers, and hornets. Each of these carries one stinger at the rear to hunt prey and defend their nests.

A yellow jacket as one specie of wasp in United States

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are very aggressive social wasps. They are wasp species from the genera Vespula and Dolichovespula. Often, they nest underground and in closed areas such as the eaves of your home, between the walls, and in hollow trees.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are also social wasps that build their nest with a paper-like material. Most often, these paper wasps nest in areas like the eaves, cracks, and crevices of homes, branches of a tree, the end of an open pipe, or on an old clothesline.

Mud Daubers

Mud dauber is a type of solitary wasp that builds mud nests in and around your house, crevices, corners, cracks, garage, and even aircraft.


Hornets are aggressive social wasps.  A bald faced hornet nest can be found in dark places such as hollow trees, attics, cavities, or other structural voids. Hornet stings are more painful than normal wasps, and rarely group attacks can be fatal. It is because hornet venom contains a large amount of acetylcholine. You can get rid of hornets by using spray or traps.

The adults of the majority of these wasp species feed on nectar, while their larvae feed on other insects. The worker wasps hunt caterpillars, spiders, and more and carry them to the nests to serve the larvae in the colony.

Are Wasp Stings Dangerous?

Wasp stings are painful experiences, and a group attack can be dangerous. While solitary wasps like mud dauber are not aggressive, social wasps such as yellow jackets and hornets defend their nest and attack in groups.

The real problem comes to people who are allergic to wasp venoms. A group attack by these insects can be fatal sometimes, though rare. Unlike bees, wasps such as hornets, yellow jackets, or mud daubers do not leave their stingers after stinging.

The stinger gives them the ability to keep stinging you several times, which increases pain and other allergic reactions to the sting. You need to contact a pest control service to remove any wasp nests from your property.

Do Wasps Attack You For No Reason?

It is very unlikely that wasps will attack you until they or their nests are threatened by any of your activities. Often, the problem lies when you are not aware of the wasp nest and get too close. Hornets or yellow jackets mark you as the enemy.

However,  wearing flower pattern clothes or using sweet perfumes can confuse worker wasps consider you as a source of food. It may bring them close to you when cooking in the yard or your children play outdoors.

Flowers and sweet perfumes as a source of wasps food

You need to remove wasp nests to avoid such situations. Call us for an extermination technician and get a free quote for a wasp control service.

Do Black Wasps Sting You

Black wasps are not very aggressive, unlike social wasps. However, the female black wasps carry one stinger and stings if provoked.

Why Are Wasps So Aggressive Right Now?

Summer is the perfect time for wasps to grow and expand their colony. The abundance of food sources is a key reason for it.

The queen lays an egg the entire summer, and the worker wasps forage and hunt prey to feed the larvae in the colony. These larvae undergo metamorphosis and this cycle repeats.

Call us today for a free quote for wasp control services, or find your local branch with the help of a zip code search.

How Do People Act Around Wasps?

If you have located a wasp nest in your yard or home, you should stay as far as possible from it. Any activity near their nests may threaten the wasps resulting in a defensive attack. These stinging insects can sting you multiple times as they do not leave the stinger.

A group attack can be a nightmare requiring immediate medical help. Therefore, if any wasp nests are close to your house,  get rid of the wasps and call an exterminator for treatment and removal of the infestation.

If the wasp stings you, do not put pressure on it. Instead, stay calm and slowly remove it from your skin. After that, run away from that place to avoid a group attack.

Why Do Wasps Chase You?

Aggressive wasps like yellow jackets chase their enemy when they feel any threat from them. They even overtake obstacles and wait above the water longer than you can hold your breath. Contact us today to remove any wasps nests from your home or business.

Are Wasps Good For Anything?

Wasps play a crucial role in the ecosystem. They help as a medium for pollination. They also help to control a variety of pests and insects like grasshoppers, spiders, caterpillars, and more around your home.

Wasps role in ecosystem

However, you need to contact a professional pest control service to remove the wasp nest if it is very close to the house.

How Do I Keep Bees And Wasps Away?

Keeping bees, wasps, and other stinging insects away can be easier than getting rid of a fully grown colony. To prevent any nests in and around your home or business, keep a check on probable nesting places on your property during the early springtime.

Also, control their prey pests, seal any gap in your walls, and cut any hollow branches of trees. The best way is to call a professional to use other wasp-deterrent products to keep wasps away from your home and business.

What Are Some D-I-Y Wasp Control Solutions?

Handling wasp nests on your own is not preferred. However, you may take the help of some D-I-Y wasp control measures to control their population.

One common option is to trap these pests. There are many commercially available traps that you can buy. You can also make traps at home with a D-I-Y guide. One type of wasp trap is an inverted glass bottle hung with jam or meat at the bottom.

How Do I Get Rid Of Wasps Asap?

Wasp control is essential if the nest is very close to your home or is in a busy area. Having children and pets add up to this reason. Find your local branch of professional services within your zip code area for a safe and effective nest removal solution.

Can An Exterminator Control Wasps?

An exterminator is a trained professional technician who has expertise in effective wasp control solutions to get rid of wasps for homes and businesses. He has proper knowledge of a variety of wasps and can treat their nests for the safety of your family. Contact us today for a free quote to solve your pest problem.

How Much Does It Cost For A Wasp Exterminator?

A wasp extermination technician may cost anything between $300 and $1000, or sometimes more, depending on the treatment required for the nests. The investment is worth the effective wasp control solution you receive.

Cost of wasp exterminator in getting rid of wasps

The wasp species play a role in the cost involved in the process. For example, paper wasp nests are easy to locate, while ground-nesting yellow jackets make it very difficult to access their nest. We provide you with a free quote to make the wasp control process easy and convenient for you.

Easy-to-access treatment

Sometimes, nests are located in easily accessible areas. In that case, you already know the location of the wasp when you call wasp extermination technicians. In such cases, for an exterminator to get rid of wasps, the treatment cost of wasp infestation is around $300 to $500.

Hard-to-access treatment

Do you see wasps flying in and around your home but unable to locate their nests? It may be because they are nesting underground or in other inaccessible areas like cracks within walls, hollow tree branches, etc. Such nests are difficult to locate and require special tools and techniques to treat. It costs around $450 to $1000 for treatment and removal of a nest from these locations.

What Are Basic Exterminator Wasps Control Methods?

Extermination technicians will first give an investigation visit to locate the wasp nest on your property. Let him know where you see these flying nuisances more frequently so that he can locate the nest at the earliest.

Once the exterminator has located the nest and identified the wasp species, he will suggest a personalized treatment plan for the removal of the infestation from your property. Generally, treating a nest is performed at night when all the wasps are present in the nest.

How Does Pest Control Kill Wasps?

Pest control services kill wasp nests by applying aerosol, dust, or liquids. It kills all the wasps and prevents reoccupation of the location.

A pest control expert getting rid of wasps


A variety of aerosols can kill wasps quickly. Our exterminator may use some wasp species-specific aerosols to get rid of wasps, knockdown, and totally kill wasp nests. They are sprayed from a safe distance as far as 15-20 feet. If you have any aerosol sprays at home, make sure they are kept out of reach by children.

Insecticide Dust

Kill emerging wasps for 6 months or more using insecticide dust in void areas. Insecticide dust also deters wasps from returning in the future or the following season.

Residual Liquid Insecticides

Residual liquid insecticide is a type of concentrated insecticide that is mixed with water before use. It is sprayed around the areas that can be preferred by wasps to build nests. It reduces the probability of future wasp infestation. Also, many residual liquid insecticides are used for a wide variety of pets in your home.

Find Your Local Branch

Call us to find your local branch with the help of a zip code search for wasp control services. Our exterminator will give you a visit and examine the wasp nest for a personalized treatment plan to get rid of wasps which are based on the species, location, and size of the nest.

The presence of a wasp nest in your property hints at the presence of a bigger pest problem. It is because wasps prey on insects such as grasshoppers, spiders, caterpillars, etc. We provide a wide range of pest control solutions to treat all the pests on your property, such as mice, ants, carpet beetles, bees, and more. All our services are centered on your safety and convenience.

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