A basement can be the scariest place in your home. It may be dark, dingy, and sometimes damp. Add to it the possibility of creepy crawlers lurking around, and it becomes a place you don’t want to visit. Yet, think about the description of what a basement is--dark, dingy, and damp--an ideal climate for all sorts of pests! This pest control article is going to be about all the bugs in your cellar and what can be done to get rid of them.

Cockroaches in the cellar


What kind of bugs live in basements?

There are many different insects that crawl around in your basement. Some of these pests this article will cover include:

  • Silverfish
  • Crickets
  • Pillbugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Earwigs
  • Termites
  • Millipedes
  • Brown mice

There are often a lot of pests crawling around in your basement and maybe your home. All too often, they carry the potential to create an infestation or spread infectious disease. We are going to explore how to eliminate them.

How do I identify an insect?

Identifying insects isn’t all that difficult. The best method of knowing if it is an insect and not another small animal or spider is by their legs. An insect has six legs that are jointed. Their legs come together at the thorax. They have two pairs of wings--four total. An insect is exoskeletal--meaning its skeleton is on the outside of the body.

Why are there suddenly so many bugs in my house?

Bugs come indoors searching for warmth, shelter, water, and food. There are many entry points, such as crevices and cracks, that allow them a chance to elude the outside elements. Insects find exterior cracks in the walls of a home as a welcome mat indoors.  These small bugs, including the tiny bugs in the bathroom, are able to get into the tiniest of crevices and gaps. This includes cable wires, gas lines, or dryer vents. The best method to keep them out is using caulk, or a foam product sprayed directly into the crevices.

Why are there more bugs in the basement?

When there is inadequate ventilation that creates an excessive amount of moisture in basements, it becomes a pest attractant. Also, pests like mice prefer and are attracted to an unorganized or messy basement to breed and hide in.

Why are there spiders in my basement?

The most common areas you find spiders are in the bathroom and kitchen.  This is due to the smaller pests they prey on they find in these rooms as they seek moisture and food. However, garages and basements are popular places for a spider to hide because they are less likely to be disturbed.

Spiders in the bathroom sink


Which insects usually live in the basement and sewers?

If a bug likes extreme moisture, it will be found in basements. This includes pillbugs, millipedes, camel crickets, and sowbugs. Termites are attracted to basements that are grounded in moist soil. Other basement bugs will gather around the basement appliances for moisture.

Why do bugs like my basement?

Basements are an easy entry point for tiny bugs to get into your house.  Because they are built underground, dark, and moist, and not that many people visit downstairs, it’s a pests haven. Some of the most popular pests found in basements are mice, roaches, crickets, spiders, termites, rodents, ants, and even bats! These pests can easily make their homes or webs and live comfortably for months without detection.

How do I keep bugs out of my basement?

The best way to keep bugs out of your basement is to seal off all their entry points. A good method of do-it-yourself pest control is to create a barrier with an insecticide treatment. Some ways to keep bugs out of your basement include:

  • Put in a dehumidifier
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Utilize peppermint oil spray
  • Encapsulate small spaces
  • Using sticky traps

Other Ways to Get Rid of Basement Bugs

In the last section, we mention some ways to get rid of bugs in your basement. This section has some natural ways for the removal of them.

Fixing leaking pipes to get rid of bugs


  • Fix any pipes that might be leaking or dripping
  • Detect any underlying reason for excessive moisture and correct it
  • Use caulk to seal off their entry points
  • Ensure to vacuum or sweep floors on a routine basis

Do dehumidifiers keep bugs away?

A common basement problem is there are often many damp areas down there. Therefore, if you want to keep bugs in your cellar and basement away, get a dehumidifier. Instead of using an insecticide, a dehumidifier is excellent for the removal of bugs from a crawl space or basement. Dehumidifiers dry the air, eliminating moisture which results in these pests looking for new accommodations with moisture.

Are basement spiders dangerous?

Most basement spiders are not venomous to humans. Known as long-bodied spiders. Bugs are often in a small cellar, spaces, basements, garages,  and dark areas. They like to build their webs in dark corners of a basement or other dark areas they make a home.

How do I get rid of spiders in my basement?

Seal up all crevices and cracks in your basement to keep them from getting inside. Get some fine mesh screens to put over the vents. Put caulk around cables, wires, electrical components, and faucets that lead outdoors. Ensure to repair window screens also caulk around windows and doors to seal cracks.

Can Centipedes be in my basement?

If your home has a problem with moisture, it will be attractive to house centipedes. This is due to the fact that they like areas that are dark and damp. People state they have seen centipedes in closets, bathrooms, basements, and even in sinks and bathtubs.

House Centipede coming out of a hole


Are House Centipedes Dangerous?

Although these insects will startle you when they are spotted running from beneath a kitchen cabinet, they aren’t really dangerous. If you try to pick up a centipede and handle it, you risk the chance of being bitten. Their venom is not poisonous to a human. Centipedes prey on smaller insects such as silverfish and termites. This is when their venom is most potent. There are several legs on these bugs to allow them to hold onto their prey. However, should their legs break off, the captured prey can escape.

Why do I Have Silverfish in my Basement?

In order for Silverfish to survive, they require humidity levels above 75% and lots of moisture. Therefore, if your basement is damp and humid, you are prone to having these odd-looking insects take residence. They are also found in kitchens, garages, bathrooms, cabinets, and laundry rooms.

What Household Product Kills Silverfish?

A simple pest control remedy for the removal of Silverfish is a popular household item found in your kitchen. Regular baking soda has been found to be a versatile and effective method of pest control. Just create a paste with a little water and baking soda; place this on pieces of cardboard. Set the baking soda paste cardboard pieces in areas you have recognized Silverfish congregating. The insects will eat the paste, and the baking soda will eventually dehydrate the bugs, killing them.

Are American Cockroaches found in basements?

Mostly, you can see American cockroaches in house, bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants. They like any place where food is stored. Moist, warm places are their preference and may be found in boiler rooms, basements, and heated steam tunnels.  Cockroaches can also be found near wet floor drains, water pipes, and heaters.

Cockroaches in the house


How do you get rid of Roaches in your Basement?

Ensuring that your home is sanitized is the best way to remove roaches infestation from the basement. Get rid of any water that is stagnant, use airtight food storage containers, and dispose of any areas for hiding. Some home pest control methods that help are boric acid, glue strips, liquid concentrates, and bait traps. All of these are excellent methods to help get rid of roaches in your basement.

What are the tiny bugs on concrete?

The tiny bugs that you see on the concrete floor in your basement are called concrete mites. They are part of the Balaustium genus (Erythraeidae family). These mites eat small insects and other mites because they are predaceous. They also supplement their diet of meat by eating the pollen off your plants.

How do I kill these tiny bugs in the cellar?

Similar to other mites, concrete mites are also difficult to exterminate. An infestation is a large group of red in one area. The form of control is to spray a miticide well in the area where you saw this infestation.

Which pests usually live in the basement and sewers?

The bugs in the cellar and basement are more than just a nuisance. They can also do damage to your home and its foundation. Some of the bugs you will find crawling around in basements and sewers are:

Not only insects invade a basement or sewer. You can also be invaded by rodents.  Brown mice, rats, and even bats like to take up residency in the cool, dark confines of your basement.

Rat staying on a dark basement


How do I keep bugs and spiders out of my basement?

If you want to keep bugs and spiders out of the basement, you need to get rid of the common attractants. You should make sure to sweep and vacuum well. This removes any sources of food. It also removed other small insects, organic decaying matter, and crumbs lying around. You want to make your basement as unappealing to a bug or spider as possible. Do this by eliminating all sources of food, shelter, and moisture.

How do you get rid of basement beetles?

You can create a natural way of getting rid of basement beetles by spraying Neem oil on your plants. This aids in the control of indoor beetles. To keep them from entering, make sure all cracks and crevices are sealed. These are welcoming entry points for these little pests.

Can you bug bomb just the basement?

The answer to this question is yes. You can safely bug bomb only your basement. However, when you bomb just one room, it won’t last long. The surviving insects will flee to another area of your home. The way to get rid of them is to bug bomb the entire home.

How do earwigs get in my house?

Although earwigs prefer soil that is moist, they do come inside seeking food and sustenance. They get inside by way of foundation gaps where it meets the siding. Through vents in the foundation and doors or windows not adequately sealed.

Earwig on a house vent


How do I get rid of earwigs in my house or basement?

The easiest method is with a common household product--rubbing alcohol and water. Just form a mixture of equal parts, put them in a spray bottle, and spray the bugs when you see them. This will kill earwigs on contact. You can also get boric acid powder at your local hardware store. Sprinkle the powder wherever you have seen them. They will creep through it, and it eventually kills them.

What are the little black bugs all over my house?

If you see a lot of little black bugs with hard shells in your home, cellar, or basement, they might be carpet beetles. They are common pests. However, due to their slow reproduction rate, they aren’t noticed as much as other pests.

How do I get rid of black bugs?

To get rid of a little black pest in your home by eliminating what they like. Any standing pools should be eliminated right away, too. Also, you will want to get rid of any possibly contaminated food in your pantry, and put cereal and other dry items in containers with air-tight covers.

Black bug on a food


Why are there so many bugs in your basement?

If you find your home is invaded by brown bugs, you need to find where they are most likely to enter. The likely reason for your pest issue may be excessive moisture. Centipedes and millipedes are the only other type of bug that is likely to make their home in a basement.

Why do I find dead bugs in the cellar?

One reason these bugs get their way to the cellar is that there is nothing to eat in your home. It could also be likely the traps you set are working well. You might have done a good job blocking off the one or more places they enter from.

How do I get rid of pests in my basement for good?

Do you want help with the removal of a pest problem with basement bugs? A.N.T. Pest Control can help. We are a rights-reserved company that knows how to handle the bugs in your basement. We can help with the removal of centipedes, crickets, millipedes, ants, and any other pest bugging you. A.N.T. Pest Control New Lenox has the solution to your pest problem. Give us a call, and rest assured, help is on the way to getting rid of these bugs for good!!


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