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Pest control is something that every responsible business owner or property manager has to consider. There are several ways to tackle pest control, including the DIY approach versus hiring a commercial pest control company to treat your business. DIY pest control usually involves doing some research and purchasing either natural products or chemical pesticides yourself without hiring a professional. If one wants to save money, then the DIY approach is the way to go.

A DIY approach to control pests

However, there are several important advantages to hiring a commercial pest control company. The benefits of commercial pest control can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches in the long run. Choosing a reliable, trustworthy, and effective commercial pest control company holds utmost importance, rather than selecting a service at random. So, how can you find the best commercial pest control company near you, and why is it advantageous to hire a professional?

Understanding Commercial Pest Control

Simply put, every commercial property requires pest control. This is particularly true in the case of restaurants, bars, and other establishments in the food service industry. Retaining a reliable pest control service that is knowledgeable and can guide you through the process is helpful because the health department has set out strict laws.

Local health and safety departments require pest control. It is not optional. Every state has different laws, rules, and statutes governing commercial pest control in terms of how often it is required. Also, there are laws governing which pesticides can and cannot be used on commercial property.

The Advantages of Commercial Pest Control

It’s easy to understand why a business owner or property manager might opt to handle his or her own pest control. At first blush, it seems like it might be a way to save money rather than hiring a commercial pest control company.

Advantages of a having the best commercial pest control company

Cleaning a property's interior and exterior, temporarily vacating all persons from the premises, fumigating the property, and using specialized chemicals are the processes involved in pest control to rid the property of pests. This takes knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Best Commercial Pest Control Companies

Further, using the incorrect chemicals can create a dangerous situation that is unhealthy. Compounded by the fact that using the wrong chemicals can be ineffective against insects, rodents, and other pests, it becomes abundantly clear that, more often than not, hiring a commercial pest control company is not only sensible; it’s also safer, more effective, and less expensive in the end. Importantly, in many cases, it is mandatory to hire a licensed commercial pest control company in order to be able to apply the required pesticides. Commonly, you cannot purchase said pesticides without the required contractor's license.

Pest control is often complicated, tricky, and difficult. For example, there is an ongoing bedbug epidemic throughout the country impacting the hospitality and hotel industry. Bedbugs are stubborn and nearly impossible to get rid of without a professional. They are wreaking havoc on even the most high-end hotels and having huge impacts on business.

Even for the best commercial pest control companies in the industry, bedbugs are challenging and problematic. Bedbugs are creatures that can live just about anywhere, and once they invade, they’re incredibly difficult to get rid of. They can survive in a wide array of environments and temperatures. They can also be hard to detect. These pests are intelligent, evolved, and detrimental to businesses.

Unfortunately, bedbugs are just the tip of the pest iceberg and are merely one example of the many pesky problems plaguing business owners across the country. Reportedly, New York City's status as the epicenter of the nation's bedbug epidemic results in an annual cost of hundreds of millions of dollars for remediation.

Other common, stubborn problems include:The pest that causes real problems

  • Moths
  • Rodents
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Roaches; and
  • Fleas

Finding the Best Commercial Pest Control Service Near You

It is never a good idea to retain a contractor at random. While you can find a commercial pest control company by simply doing a Google keyword search, your results can be skewed by paid advertisers and, therefore, not organic. Even reviews that appear on popular websites such as Yelp may not be genuine. In other words, it’s a shot in the dark.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are helpful; good customer service and hard work are ways that many commercial pest control companies get referrals for local businesses. The question persists - how do you find the best commercial pest control company near you?

There are some websites, such as Angie’s List, that are reliable ways of finding contractors. We vet reviews, recommendations, and services for accuracy. Additionally, sites like Angie’s List are a good resource for finding coupons and promotions prior to retaining a local commercial pest control company.

Also, you can read through customer testimonials posted by actual business owners in your city. The service provider needs to uniquely tailor each company's pest control service since no two businesses are exactly alike. Customers can get a more accurate picture of which services are truly the best commercial pest control companies in the local area. Thanks to the vetted ratings posted on these trusted websites.

Positive testimonials from pest control customers

The law requires commercial pest control services to have the proper licenses and certifications to apply pesticides. These licenses can be verified online. Commercial pest control companies are responsible for compliance with all environmental guidelines set forth by the respective state and federal regulations. Verification is the responsibility of the business owner before hiring a pest control professional. Doing a simple online search easily accomplishes this within seconds.

Don’t Go It Alone

In conclusion, commercial pest control is not something that a business owner or property manager should attempt to tackle without hiring a professional. Pest control is a hugely complex issue that involves the use of potentially dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Compliance with state and federal laws is mandatory and part of running a safe, healthy, and pest-free business.

Pests are a pervasive problem across all businesses regardless of the industry. The cleanest, most immaculate businesses are not invincible from infestations. High-end establishments are just as susceptible to unwanted invasions as all other businesses. There is not a single place that is immune. However, pest control can be safely managed with the help of a trustworthy, responsible, and well-established pest control company.

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