How do you know if your home is infested with Bed bugs? Consequently, waking up with bites does not necessarily mean there are Bed bug present in your home.

The gold standard confirmation is actually witnessing “live” insects. Then  capturing the insect and sharing it with an entomologist or pest control professional.

Moreover, if you can't capture the insect. Check for evidence of an infestation... Look for blood stains, dark spots or blood smears on the mattress seams.


  • 3/16 to 1/5” in length
  • Flat  & oval in shape
  • Unfed Color: Brown
  • After feeding Color: Red-Brown
  • Scientific Name: Cimicidae

Are Bed Bugs A Health Risk?

Although Bed bugs host on humans and their blood… They do not transfer human disease according to recent studies.  Furthermore, it is important to know… Everyone reacts different to bed bug bites.  Most commonly bites will appear as a raised red bump.  Consequently, the bump will go away in a few days if the victim does not itch at the bite.

Bed Bug Facts

  • Lifespan of about 10 months
  • Can live for almost a year without a blood meal
  • After a female has a blood meal, males want to mate with them.
  • Bed Bugs find their host by sensing carbon dioxide & body heat
  • This pest likes to stay close to the host. They could usually be found lurking close to their food source.
  • They feed most commonly during the evening but will feed during daylight hours as well
  • Males and females both seek our blood


Can People Have An Allergic Reaction To Bed Bug Bites?

According to studies, it is rare for someone to have an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite.  That being said, it is possible… Most rare allergic reaction cases have been linked to people who had asthma. For more information on this study refer to this article

How Do You Exterminate Bed Bugs?

Although it is possible to control these pests yourself.  It is highly recommended to seek a professional to assist with the issue. Consequently,  the situation can quickly spiral out of control if left unchecked.  That being said, there are 2 ways will eliminate this predator.

  1. Pesticides- A combination of liquid, dusts and aerosols labeled for bedbug elimination.
  2. Thermal Remediation- Utilizing heat to eliminate the pest.  In short, the structure is treated by elevating temperatures up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.  The heat will kill the bedbugs without using a pesticide.

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