In cooler climates, ants are typically seasonal pests. Yet, for warmer regions, ants can be a year-round issue. There are several types of ants that can infest your home, each one with its own set of concerns, and the worth of exterminator cost of these ant varies. However, the carpenter ant is what comes to mind when most people think of ants.

With a major ant infestation, ant killer spray, ant traps, and other DIY methods may not be as effective. In these cases, hire an ant exterminator can be a big help. And the cost is only an estimate and is based on several factors affecting the price. It is important to know what these price factors are so you know what to anticipate when contacting a pest control service.

Ant exterminator cost is based on a number of factors. These factors include the type of ant and how severe a fire ant infestation you are dealing with. In addition, to determine the required treatments, you need to hire ant exterminators and know the per square foot of footage of your home.

In general, ant extermination costs from exterminators cost between $75 and $525 for a single ant treatment cost. The average cost of ant extermination is around $275 for a one-time treatment of your home. Annual extermination of ants contracts cost $400-$1,200 per year for monthly or quarterly applications. DIY products for ant extermination cost around $10-$25, but results might vary depending on the type of ant problem you have.

Is it worth getting an exterminator for ants?

A huge population of ants in the house, indicating ant infestation


It can be beneficial to get a professional to hire ant exterminators. One of the most important benefits is pest identification of black ants in house. A professional to hire an ant exterminator or ant extermination pricing service is able to identify the type of ant you are dealing with, an imperative factor in why hire an ant exterminator and cost.

Chemicals and baits are more effective on a certain type of ant than on others. Therefore much does an ant extermination service will cost or take, hiring a professional ant extermination service will help decipher what kind of ant pests problem you have and set the correct ant traps.

How Many Treatments will it take to terminate ants?

In cases of a severe or small infestation of rover ants, the pest control professionals and services will advise that more than one treatment is needed. Although after one treatment, you may see a decrease in the ant infestation population, complete eradication of severe ant infestation problems may take weeks or months. It could take several treatments in order to exterminate entire ant colonies.

Will an exterminator eliminate the ants?

If you have ant problem in winter, you are probably wondering if a professional exterminator will be able to eradicate ants. Professional exterminator uses gel ant traps and baits to eradicate the pests.

It is one solution used by most pest control companies most effectively when the nest or anthill is located on the surface. The pest control company will put bait in areas where ant mounds and the ants are most rampant and wait as the ants ingest the poisoned bait.

How long does it take for an exterminator to get rid of ants?

The first treatment used to eradicate ants usually starts working in about forty-eight hours. However, the ants might still be present for many weeks or months following this initial treatment.

What are Some Common Ant Infestations?

The most common ants found in homes and gardens throughout the US are odorous house ants, pavement ants, and carpenter ants. Fire ants can also be added to the list for those living in the south.

So, how do you determine where all those ants are coming from? A professional ant extermination company like A.N.T. Pest Control will be able to answer this question. The way carpenter ant exterminators determine the source of an ant infestation is by using a combination of visual aids and ant baits.

Another popular species of ant that creates as much does an ant infestation are Pharaoh ants. Foods that are sweet and fatty are what this ant species finds attractive. In addition, these ants like nesting in strange places, like between two pieces of paper, within layers of clothing or bed linens, inside appliances, and even trash.

Pharaoh ants nesting on sweet foods


Odorous house ants also like sweets and water, similar to sugar ants and the Pharaoh ants. But unlike the winged black ants, it is not uncommon to see them searching for food on countertops or the floor. Although these tiny pests won't harm the structure of your home, they do spread harmful bacteria.

Besides the two odorous house ant ants, another common ant species that you might discover inside your home is the acrobat ant. Like the odorous house ant, this species thrives on areas of the house with moisture.

House ants release a bad odor when threatened or crushed; this odor brings other ants. These ants are capable of spreading harmful bacteria that cause Salmonella. Doing so by way of the food you eat or an open injury.

How do you know if ants are in the walls?

If you are hearing noises that sound like rustling coming from your walls, it might be signs of carpenter ant infestation. They make a rustling sound as they build nests inside the walls of a home.

Additionally, should you knock on the walls, if they have a hollow sound, it could be ants living there. Particularly true if you are aware of the walls being constructed solidly of wood. That hollowing sound coming from the walls often indicates a termite or carpenter ants infestation.

How does an exterminator eradicate ants?

The first step in ant treatment is to seal all windows, trim, thresholds, and doorways using latex caulk. Next, exterminate ants by creating a barrier to prevent future small ant infestations elsewhere.

An efficient barrier for ants may be talc, salt, or essential oils like peppermint. Lastly, the ant exterminator removes any potential sources of food to prevent future ant infestations.

Do ants come back after extermination?

Special cleaning detergent - inclusion on the ant exterminator cost that will be scrubbed to identify entry points


Sometimes you might see ants returning after the pest professionals have finished the first ant treatment. You might be worried the cost for ant exterminator wasn't worth it. Is it possible to see ants at the site where an exterminator placed the bait? There are many reasons why you might see ants returning, but none of them are indications the first ant treatment, and exterminator costs were not worth it.

Professional ant exterminators do everything possible to prevent ant infestations and eliminate all visible ants. They will then track down any ant nests that are active so they can also eliminate them. The exterminators will scrub identified entry points using a special cleaning detergent. The cleanser removes any ant pheromones and adds an insecticide residual to avert or prevent future ant infestations or new colonies.

How much does it cost for a professional to spray for ants?

The following is a breakdown of each of the factors impacting how much does an ant extermination cost.

The type of fire ant mounds plays a big role in the cost to exterminate ants as well as the methods used. Such as, you might get a more costly estimate for the removal of carpenter ants burrowed inside your walls than for fire ant mounds.

The average cost to have pest control services exterminate ants for the removal of Pharaoh and Sugar ants is about $200 to $250. Removing Fire ants cost between $100 to $300, and Carpenter ants cost $250 to $500 depending on the square foot of footage of a home. While some pest control services companies charge you by the square foot of the home, others charge a standard price.

What is the Average Ant Exterminator Cost?

The average Ant Exterminator Cost according to HomeAdvisor, widespread ant infestation and extermination method costs between $80 and $500, with an average cost of $150. The number of treatments needed to treat your widespread ant infestation influences this cost estimate. For example, if you need four treatments over the course of a year, the cost to exterminate ants is closer to $500.

Specifically, in Illinois, licensed pest control professionals adhere to strict regulations, ensuring effective and environmentally responsible ant extermination methods. In Mokena, the average cost for ant extermination services typically ranges between $100 and $300, depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the property.

Can pest control completely rid my home of ants?

You likely have an anthill somewhere within your yard if you keep seeing ants showing up indoors. The best thing to do in this case is to call a pest control company like A.N.T. Pest Control.

Professional exterminators understand how to eradicate ants effectively and quickly because of the nuisance they create in a household.

How do I eradicate an ant infestation permanently?


A Diatomaceous earth to eliminate ants permanently

Diatomaceous earth and Borax are the two best methods for eliminating ants. Another good way to kill or repel ants is by using essential oils, like cloves and peppermint oil. Also, ensure your home is always dry and clean since moisture is a big attractant to ants.

How do you get rid of carpenter ants permanently?

When you have problems showing signs of carpenter ants in house, you need a permanent solution to prevent ants. Using an insecticide containing pyrethroids is the most popular solution.

Using an insecticide with pyrethroids in it is the popular choice to prevent carpenter ants permanently. Never spray chemical liquids around any electrical outlets or service boxes. However, you can use insecticidal dust.

How much does Ant Exterminator Cost to Eliminate Ants?

For ant extermination costs, it can be anywhere from $80 to $500 with an average of $150 cost. The number of treatments required is what influences the cost of exterminating ants. For instance, if your infestation requires four ant treatments over a period of one year, you can anticipate the cost to be $500.

How do professionals kill carpenter ants?

Often the pest control specialist will use what is known as dust material treatments. These are treatments that killed ants and flush away any ant nests that are hiding. Thus, this resulted in having dead ants after bait and getting rid of the carpenter ants inside. The specialist treats the entire perimeter of the outside of your home, in addition to treating the nest and barrier of the nests.

Can I get rid of carpenter ants by myself?

A soap detergent being mix with water as a DIY method to get rid of ants


A DIY ant removal method is using a soap and water mixture that is poison to carpenter ants. Simply stir together two parts of water and one part of dish soap (natural) and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Follow any ant trails you have recognized and generously spray the area. The soapy-water mixture will get rid of their pheromone trails. Continue using this treatment method for as long as you need to until you no longer see ants.

Do carpenter ants come back after treatment?

A small infestation of carpenter ants is not likely to return if you completely eradicate the colony. If you are only applying enough treatment to kill a few ants scurrying around, you are going to see more. The best way to get rid of ants in the yard or in your house is to go after the colony. You won't be eradicating them until you get to the source of your carpenter ant infestations.

How long does it take carpenter ants to destroy a house?

Carpenter ants are the one species of ant that causes the most problems. These carpenter ant damage can create serious destruction to property, homes, or other buildings. The carpenter ant gets its moniker from the manner in which they excavate wood to construct their nests. The results of this excavation create smooth tunnels within the wood.

What do professionals use to kill carpenter ants?

A bottle of Boric acid - an inclusion on the ant exterminator cost you'll pay to kill ants


Boric acid is among the best pesticides for carpenter ant control. You can purchase it in stores as it is one of the most readily available pest control products for ridding carpenter ants. Boric acid also works well, killing male sugar ants, pharaoh ants, argentine ants, as well as a variety of other types of ant. Always mix boric acid bait according to the instructions on the label for it to be an effective method for killing carpenter ants and sugar ants.

How long does it take for ants to go away after extermination?

It could take more than one treatment or visit for our experienced exterminators to treat an ant infestation completely. Although you will see an improvement right away, the eradication of small infestations can be anywhere from many weeks to a few months.

What happens during an ant extermination?

When worker ants are sprayed and killed, the rest of the colony sends replacement workers to take their place. Therefore, instead of exterminating the ants, place ant bait along any trails you see ants following. The workers will pick up the bait and carry it to a few ants back in the nest. Those workers in the next will then feed the bait to the queen, eliminating her and future infestations.

What do exterminators use for ants in the house?

Boric acid is a popular chemical to use for ant extermination of any species of little black ants in house. It can be used for sugar ant control, pharaoh ant control, and Argentine ant control. It is one of the best extermination methods used by professional ant extermination as well as for DIY.

Boric acid works well because it attracts ants with its sweetness and then poisons the pests once it is digested into their stomachs.

How do professionals treat ants?

Gel ant baits are another excellent pest control used by professionals. It is a handy answer to an ant problem that can be effectively applied to an anthill or nest at the surface. The exterminator simply needs to put the bait near any ant-infested areas, waiting for the first few ants below the colony to eat it.

How long does it take for pest control to get rid of ants?

Ants slowly disappear 48 hours after a pest control treatment

All homeowners want to know the answer to this question. How long will it take an extermination method to take effect? Normally within 48 hours following a pest control treatment, you will begin to see ants disappearing. However, it may take several weeks or months for the infestation to be eradicated.

When it's Time to Call the Professionals

If you continue to see several ants on separate occasions, you have a severe infestation. Your DIY ant treatments just are not working, and carpenter ants bite already affect your daily life activities. It's time to call in the professionals and hire an ant exterminator. Professional ant exterminator cost to eradicate ants are well worth your peace of mind.

Call A.N.T. Pest Control for All Your Ant Removal

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