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Pest control is more than exterminating unwanted pests and nuisances from a home, school or business. It’s about gaining the trust of the customer and exceeding their expectations. We follow through with the precise action we promised our clients. We are a pest control service geared towards providing customers with extraordinary service. Our mindset and intentions are parallel to the happiness you will receive from our service.

A.N.T. Pest Control New Lenox was formed to fulfill a few crucial needs which customers need and deserve. Code of Service Conduct

pest control service with guarantee

A.N.T. Pest Control New Lenox is a licensed, certified and insured company. 

  • Always keeping in mind what is best for the customer not compensation;
  • Having an increased awareness towards what customer need and providing it;
  • Being sensitive to the circumstances present at any given time: Pets, children, schools, business, etc.
  • Application methods which the best suit the need of the client;
  • Applying pesticides with precise accuracy according to label and government regulations;
  • Following up with clients after application to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Taking time to communicate the “plan of action” for any given service; 
  • Always giving more quality service than financial compensation;
  • The only guarantee we have is… Your extreme satisfaction
Monthly or quarterly pest control service plans


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